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Rogue athlete performing a legless rope climb during the Legless event at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games

Nickname Johnny
Age 30
Weight 185
Height 5'11"
From Newark, OH
Current Residence New Albany, OH
Began Crossfit March 2009
Affiliate Eleventh Element
Barbell Stats
Squat 430
Front Squat 385
Clean & Jerk 330
Snatch 270
Deadlift 505
Press 205
WOD Times
Fran 2.04
Helen 7:05
Grace 1:12
Filthy 50 17:40
FGB 433
Pullups 61
400m 1.00
5k 18:40
500m Row 1:25.6
2000m Row 6:43
Favorite Girl Amanda
Least Favorite Girl Nancy
2015 5th Place Central Regional
2014 4th Place Central East Regionals
2013 CrossFit Games 14th Place, Central East 5th Place
2012 CrossFit Games 4th Place, Central East 3rd Place
2011 CrossFit Games 10th Place
2010 CrossFit Games Champion (Games Stats)
2009 CrossFit Games 19th Place
2007 Honorable Mention- All OAC (baseball)

Graham Holmberg

Graham Holmberg was the winner of the 2010 CrossFit Games, standing as the only competitor to beat fellow Rogue Fitness athlete Rich Froning on the Games podium. The former Capital University football and baseball player started CrossFit in 2009 and immediately made it to the CrossFit Games the following year.

Holmberg’s silent, stoic way of competing has only added to his reputation, making him a must-watch athlete at both the CrossFit Regionals and CrossFit Games.

Graham lives with his wife Savanna and their son just outside of Columbus, Ohio. When not competing, he coaches other athletes at his own affiliate-- Eleventh Element-- in the town of Hilliard.