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Rogue Athlete during the Burden Run event at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games

Nickname --
Age 37
Weight 208
Height 5'10"
From Chicago, IL
Current Residence Denver, CO
Began Crossfit May 2007
Affiliate CrossFit Verve
Barbell Stats
Squat 450
Front Squat 375
Clean & Jerk 341
Snatch 275
Deadlift 545
Press 215
WOD Times
Fran 2:19
Helen 7:44
Grace 1:16
Filthy 50 17:43
FGB 425
Pullups 50
400m 1:00
5k 22:12
500m Row 1:22
2000m Row 6:38
Favorite Girl Jackie
Least Favorite Girl Nicole
2015 9th Place South Regional
2013 CrossFit Games – 21st place, SW Regional 1st Place
2012 CrossFit Games – 2nd place, SW Regional 1st Place
2011 CrossFit Games – 10th place
2010 CrossFit Games – 4th place
2009 CrossFit Games – 18th place
2008 CrossFit Games – 8th place
Sectionals, Regionals or Other Notable Mentions
2009 Rocky Mountain Regional – 1st place
2010 North Central Regional – 1st place


Matt Chan originally took up CrossFit in his late 20s to help improve his endurance as a Denver area firefighter. After four Top 10 finishes at the CrossFit Games, however (including the runner-up slot in 2012), Chan became a full-time athlete and one of the most popular and knowledgeable veterans in the sport.

Already 30 when he made his Games debut in 2008, Chan has had to battle through injuries and out-work a growing field of younger challengers to maintain his drive for the podium. In 2013, despite nagging knee problems, he showed his heart and resolve by taking first place at a Regional competition for an incredible sixth straight year. Two years later, Matt’s return from injury at the 2015 Southwest Regionals produced a Top 10 finish—not enough for a return to the Games, but a good indication that this all-time great can’t be counted out just yet.

Throughout his career, Matt Chan has served as one of Rogue’s most active and involved athletes, with his own Signature Series line of products. This includes his personally designed 28.5mm bushing barbell, the Rogue Chan Bar.

Matt and his wife Cherie are on the CrossFit Trainers Staff and live in Boulder, CO.