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Gymnastics WOD DVDs

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Coach Carl Paoli breaks down the essential movements.

Improve on everyday movements from hand stands to pull-ups and rings to ropes.  CrossFit Games events and other complex movements are explained with simple, easy to follow progressions. Each progression contains a video tutorial by Coach Carl that gives you position, skill, and movement cues to help you accomplish your purpose.

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Breakdown by DVD

2011 CrossFit Games Breakdowns

  • Breakdowns for Open Weeks 1-6 (11.1-11.6)
  • Breakdowns for Regionals Events 1-6

Freestyle Connection Features

  • Freestyle Adventures with The Modern Gypsies
  • Freestyle in the Field with the Burpee
  • Freestyle in the Field with the Candlestick Roll
  • Freestyle in the Field with the Step Vault

Hand Balancing & Handstand Progressions

  • Push Up Progression
  • Planche Progression
  • Handstand Against Wall Progression
  • Kick Up to Handstand Progression
  • Handstand Practice and Spotting Progression
  • Head Position for Head and Handstand Progression
  • Handstand Forward Roll Progression
  • Press to Handstand Progression
  • Handstand Walk Progression

Rings, Rope & P-Bar Movements

  • Ring Row Progression
  • L-Hang Pull Up on Rings Progression
  • V-Out Progression
  • Positioning on Rings Progression
  • Muscle Up Transition on Rings Progression
  • No-False Grip Muscle Up Progression
  • False Grip Progression
  • Strict Muscle Up on Rings Progression
  • Pull Over on Rings Progression
  • Backward Roll on Rings Progression
  • Levers on Rings Progression
  • Kick Up to Handstand on Rings Progression
  • Handstand Push Up on Rings Progression
  • Iron Cross Progression
  • Rope Climb Progression
  • L-Seat on P-Bars Progression
  • Dip Swing on P-Bars Progression

2012 CrossFit Games Breakdowns

  • Breakdowns for Open Weeks 1-6 (12.1-12.5)
  • Breakdowns for Regionals Events 1-6

Bar Movement Progressions

  • Pull Up Progression
  • Kip Swing Progression
  • Kipping/Glide Pull Up Progression
  • Pull Over Progression

Positioning, Motor Control & Flexibility

  • Hollow Body Progression
  • V Up Progression
  • Shoulder Pass Progression
  • Bridge Up Progression
  • Burpee Skill Transfer Progression
  • Leg Circles Progression
  • Jump Rope Progression
  • Jump Rope Skill Transfer for Endurance Progression
  • Squat Jumps Progression
  • Jumping Lunges Progression
  • Trampoline Basics Progression

Rolls & Tumbling Progressions

  • Forward Roll Progression
  • Backward Roll Progression
  • Back Extension Roll Progression
  • Front Tuck on Trampoline Progression

Progresiones en Español

  • GWOD Introducción
  • La Clase
  • El Sistema x PMP
  • La Sentadilla
  • La Flexión
  • La Dominada
  • La Parada De Cabeza
  • El Ángulo Natural De Apoyo y Cuelgue
  • La Vertical
  • Flexión en Vertical
  • Subida a Vertical
  • Dominada al Apoyo
  • Ver Totas