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Rogue Monster Safety Systems

Rogue Monster Safety Systems

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Monster 43" Pin & Pipe Safeties (Pair)
Ships in 3-5 days
Monster 43" Safety Straps (Pair)

Regular Price: $260.00

Special Price $185.00

Ships in 3-5 days.
Monster 43" Flip-down Safeties (Pair)

Monster 30" Pin and Pipe Set
This product is designed to only be used with the RM-3 Monster Racks.
Monster 30" Safety Strap Hanger Set

Regular Price: $252.00

Special Price $180.00

This product is designed to only be used with the RM-3 Monster Racks.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color No
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No
Echo Compatible No
Infinity Compatible No
Monster Lite Compatible No
Monster Compatible Yes

Monster Safeties

A Monster rack means Monster weight, but there's no reason to risk safety while lifting it.

We have three Monster safety systems based on your needs:

Monster Pin and Pipe: This is the old-school way to go.  Pin and Pipe Safety systems have been used in the strongest gyms around the world for one reason: they are simple to setup and very strong. 

  • Pin Diameter: 1"

Monster Flip Down Safety:  Simple and easy to use.

  • UHMW Plastic top to protect the barbell knurling
  • Holes 2" on center

Monster Safety Straps:  The new-school safety system.  Nylon strap safeties offer an added safety advantage over pin/pipe or flip down style.  They can be mounted at different heights which allows you to position the strap so the barbell will roll away from the lifter on a missed lift.

  • Nylon strap is rated at over 10,000LB
  • Ability to have the front and back of the strap at different heights
  • Least damaging to your barbell

Please Note: These accessories are designed only for use with 3" x 3" Monster Racks. For normal Infinity Systems see Standard Infinity Strap Safeties.