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Rogue Rig Lingo

Term / Definition Advantage


The most common upright spacing using alternating 4' and 6' cross-members.

This allows alternating squat/bench rack space and pull-up stations with enough room between squat stations that athletes can lift safely simultaneously.
7'6" Upright

7'6" Upright

A shorter version of the standard Infinity Rig Upright.

This allows you to get the benefits of a Infinity Rig in a space with standard 8 foot ceilings.
9' Uprights

9' Uprights

The standard upright for the Infinity Rig

This upright allows you to set the pull-up bars at 8', 7'6" or 7'.
11 Gauge, 2x3 Tubing

11 gauge, 2x3 tubing

The standard rectangular tubing that is used for Infinity Rig Uprights, made from thick, 11-gauge steel that is 2" wide and 3" deep.

This heavy-duty tubing gives our uprights superior strength. You can hand this stuff down to your grandchildren.
2x2” Tubing

2x2" Tubing

Utilized in our Echo Series Racks, Rigs, and Stands, this tubing offers less depth than the Infinity Uprights (2” vs. 3”) but is manufactured from the same quality 11-gauge steel.

A strong, reliable upright at an economical price.
3x3” 11 Gauge Tubing

3x3" 11 Gauge Tubing

A full inch wider than the heavy-duty tubing of the Infinity Series, the ultra-durable 3x3” 11-gauge tube is the standard upright of our Monster and Monster Lite Series.

Heavy-duty upright built for the world’s most demanding athletic training facilities.
3x3” 7 Gauge Tubing

3x3” 7 Gauge Tubing

The same square tube that comes standard with the Monster Series, but upgraded from 11-gauge to 7-gauge steel—an increase in thickness of roughly 1.5mm.

The thicker, 7-gauge steel features laser-engraved numbers. Optional exclusively with all Monster Racks, Rigs, and Stands.
12' Upgrade

12' Upgrade

Substituting 12' uprights for all or part of the Infinity Rig.

Adds extra height for additional ring height options as well as raising the cross-members high enough to attach climbing ropes.
12' Upright

12' Upright

A taller version of the standard upright for the Infinity Rig.

This upright adds extra height for additional ring height options as well as raising the cross-members high enough to attach climbing ropes
Black Powder Coat

Black Powder Coat

Our signature coating for all our rigs, racks, attachments and metal rings.

This coating not only protects the Infinity Rigs from corrosion, it provides an excellent grip texture for pull-ups and other movements.


A 4'(43") or 6" (70") horizontal portion of the Infinity Rig used for pull-ups, attaching equipment, such as rings, bands or wall ball targets as well as to provide structural stability to the rig.

A variety of different cross-members can be chosen. These include, but are not limited to, the standard double bar crossmember, a Dirty South Bar, a single pull-up bar, a SPEAL Pull-up bar or an X-70B Beam rectangular tube crossmember.
Dirty South

Dirty South Bar

A triangular bar that is a direct replacement for a standard crossmember.

Multipe pullup bar heights with one crossmember.  The two heights will accomodate 99% of your athletes.
Fat Skinny Bar

Fat Skinny Bar

This is 2 pull-up bars in one! The Fat Skinny Bar has a standard 1.25" OD pull-up bar on one side and fat 2" bar on the other side.

Using a fat pull-up bar will help strengthen your grip. Grip is often the limiting factor determining the number of pull-ups you can do. Using the Fat pull-up bar will improve both your fat and standard bar pull-ups.
Flying Pullup Bar

Flying Pull-up Bar

Infinity Rig attachment with pull-up bars spaced 18" apart going up at a 45 degree angle.

Flying pull-ups are a great way to teach explosive gymnastics movements and for some athletes, they are the final step in figuring out muscle ups.
Infinity Rig Attachment

Infinity Rig Attachment

One of the growing family of attachments that attach to the infinity Rigs either through the use of bolts or using the Rogue Pin-up anchoring system.

The Rogue Infinity Rig System can be the focal point of your gym, with space to squat, press, bench, do pullups, dips, ring work, wall ball, flying pullups, rotational work and more.


A heavy-duty bracket that is used to rack the barbell.

The laser cut and precision bent metal work allows for quick adjustments and the UHMW plastic insert protects your bar's knurling from damage. These J-cups will support over 1000 lbs without budging.
Kids Pullup Bar

Kid's Pull-up Bar

Single pull-up bar for child use that attaches to the Infinity Rig uprights and can be adjusted to any height.

The height is instantly adjustable using the Rogue Pin-Up anchoring system from zero to 7' using the Westside hole pattern, 1" increments in the bench/clean pull area and 2" above and below. This not only allows you to adjust the height for each child, it allows you to set the bar to tailor the amount of difficulty for jumping pull-ups so that young CrossFitters can work their way to full pull-ups faster.


Infinity Rig Attachment that connects to the uprights with a sleeve that holds the end of a barbell, and a swivel mechanism.

The Landmine allows rotational movements like the Russian twist without damaging your bars, floors or walls. The swivel mechanism, also allows smoother motion than trying to dig your bar into a corner.


A heavy-duty dip station that can be attached to any upright

The simple Rogue Pin-Up anchoring system will allow you to start doing dips in seconds.  This is also a good progression tool for those who are working up to ring dips
Pullup Station

Pull-up station

A section of the rig with either a 4' (43")' or 6' (70") crossmember that can be used for pullups.

These stations make it possible to use the same rig for pullups that you use for squatting and pressing. The pullup bars also make an excellent attachment point for rings.
HD Concrete Anchors

Rogue HD Concrete Anchors

Anchor screws that are used to bolt the rig down to concrete.

Unlike traditional concrete anchors these can be removed.

Rogue Shackle

An attachment point for a carabiner that bolts to an X-70B Beam.

It provides a fixed attachment point for items from our line of Grip World accessories as well as a fixed attachment point for rings.
Neutral Grips

Rogue Neutral Grips

Attachment that locks onto standard Crossmembers allowing for parallel grip pull-ups.

A neutral grip is easier on the shoulders than directly gripping a bar. There is also the potential for infinite grip width variations by sliding the neutral grips along the Crossmember.
X-70B Beam

Rogue X-70B Beam

A 6' (70") Crossmember replacement made from 2x3" tubing.

The X-70B Beam is a solid platform to mount rings and adds additional stability to the Infinity Rig.
R-3 Infinity Rig Add-On

R-3 Infinity Rig Add on

Kit that allows you to add an R-3 Power Rack to a 4' section of an Infinity Rig.

The lower height of the Crossmembers of an R-3 makes using the future method, where assistance is given to an athlete at the bottom of the lift by hanging bands from above easier to accomplish. It is also easier to use safeties within the shorter, depth of the R-3.
 Safety Spotter Arms

Safety Spotter Arms

Spotter arms with UHMW plastic inserts that attach to the Infinity Rig uprights that can be used to spot lifts or in a manner similar to pulling blocks.

These allow you to safely spot back squats when working out alone and can be used to raise the bar for rack pulls. In conjunction with the Westside hole pattern, the height can be adjusted in 1" increments in the bench/clean pull zone.
 Skid Plate

Skid Plate

180 pound 8 foot steel plate with precut holes that line up with the holes on the feet of the Infinity Rig Upright.

This allows you to set up an Infinity Rig with a 6' width without attaching it to the floor.
SPEAL - Pullup Bar 

SPEAL - Pull-up Bar

A single uncoated pull-up bar that can act as a replacement for a 6' (70") crossmember in the front of an Infinity Rig.

It offers the option of using an uncoated bar for pull-ups, and offers increased height for taller athletes or when hanging rings. Using a SPEAL bar is also one of the ways to do bar muscle ups on an Infinity Rig.
Strap Safeties 

Strap Safety Systems

Heavy duty straps to catch the bar if a squat attempt is failed.

Strap safeties reduce the jarring of the bar that happens when it is dropped onto steel safeties. The can also be used for rack pulls and presses.
Squat/Bench Station 

Squat/bench Station

A 4' section of the Infinity Rig with two uprights with the Westside hole pattern that can be used as a rack to support the barbell for squatting or pressing movements.

These stations allow you to use the same rig for pressing and squatting movements that you use for pull-up and ring work.
 Vertical Storage

Vertical Plate Storage

Storage for bumper plates and metal change that attaches to the uprights of your rig.

With this attachment, you can use the Infinity Rigs to store all your weight leaving your floors clear.
 Wall-Ball Target

Wall-Ball Target

16 inch round attachment to the Infinity Rig that acts as a target for Wall-Ball, a core CrossFit movement involving a front squat with a medicine ball and then throwing the ball at a target.

By attaching the wall-ball target to your Infinity Rig you prevent damage to your walls when the balls miss the targets, you also make the movement more challenging, because if the athlete misses the target the ball will not return to them.
 westside hole spacing

Westside Hole Spacing

1" spacing between holes in the bench/clean pull area and 2" spacing above and below.
The 1" spacing allows athletes to precisely pick their starting height helping them to work through any sticking points in their lifts./td>


These are the vertical pieces. They come standard at 9' with optional 7.5' and 12' heights

The uprights have the Westside hole pattern, 1" hole spacing in the bench/clean pull zone with 2" spacing above and below. This allows the Infinity Rig uprights to be used as squat/press racks as well as supports for the pullup bars.