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Monster Squat Stands

Monster Squat Stands

The Rogue Monster Squat Stands bridge the gap between a tradtional squat stand and a power rack.

The Monster Stands were designed with the top professional, collegiate and high school athletic facilities in mind, but will also be right at home in a CrossFit Affiliate or garage gym with a powerlifting focus.

They are built using 3x3", 11 gauge steel tubing with 1" hardware and fasteners.  The larger steel tubing and hardware increase the weight and stability. 

They are available in 4 heights: the SM-1 (70"), the SM-2 (90"), the SM-2.5 (100") and the SM-3 (108"). The J-cups and optional spotter arms are lined with UHMW plastic on both sides to protect the barbell knurling and to also protect  your squat stand.  Rubber feet are included for increased stability and resistance to slipping as well as to protect your lifting platform from scratches.

All of the Monster Stands have laser cut holes with 2" hole spacing from the ground to the top of the uprights to accommodate any athlete or lifting program.  The bases even have 2" hole spacing along their length, to provide maximum flexibility for band peg placement. 

The SM-2, 2.5 and 3 come standard with a Fat Skinny (2" / 1.25") pullup bar.  The heavier Monster Squat Stands are even more stable while doing kipping pullups than our S-Series Squat Stands.

These are compatible with our Monster Series Accessories including Monster Spotter Arms, Monster Matador Dip Attachment, Single 2" Pullup bars and our Sandwich Monster J-cups.