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Rogue MW-10 - 10' Monster Wall Mount Rig


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Rogue MW-14 - 14' Monster Wall Mount Rig


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Rogue MW-20 - 20' Monster Wall Mount Rig


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Rogue MW-24 - 24' Monster Wall Mount Rig


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Monster Wallmounts

The Rogue Fitness Monster Wallmount Rigs are the ultimate wallmount system.

Built with the professional or collegiate athletic facility in mind, the Monster Rig is a classic example of Rogue's "over-built" construction that will suite any affiliate or gym with its immovable capacity. The Monster Wallmount Rig components are identical to the Rogue Monster Pullup Rigs, but use your existing wall as one side of the rig. This leaves the center of your facility clear for other activities.

The standard Monster Wallmount Rig is built with 3x3” 11 gauge steel uprights with 1” hardware and fasteners. If required, thicker 7 gauge 3x3” uprights that also feature laser cut numbering can be substituted. In fact the entire Monster Rig configuration can be modified to include any of the following crossmembers: fat skinny, single skinny, or single fat. Additionally, accessories including Rogue Matador Dip Stations and Safety Spotter are available in the 3x3” configuration. Like the Infinity Series, the Monster Rigs are expandable in 4' and 6' sections allowing you to plan the number of pullup and squat/press/bench stations your facility will need.

The uprights have 2" hole spacing from the ground to 7' for the ability to accommodate any athlete and the J-cups are UHMW plastic lined on both sides to protect the knurling on your barbells and your rig.