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New Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

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Rogue S-1 Squat Stand
Rogue S-1 Squat Stand - Set of 5

Shipping Included!

Rogue S-1 Squat Stand & Bench

Shipping Included!
(1) S-1 Squat Stand
(1) Flat Utility Bench

Extra Infinity J-cup Set
Set of Safety Spotter Arms

Ships (2) 20 in. Deep Arms
*Cannot be used on old SPX Stands*
UHMW Plastic comes attached

Squat Stand Wheel Bracket Set
(1) Set of brackets
Rogue S-Base Floor Mounting Feet - Pair

(2) S-Base Floor Mounting Feet

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Product Weight 125 lbs.
Height 72
Foot Print 48 x 48
Steel Notes 2 x 3 11 Gauge
Other Product Specs Weight Capacity: Tested at 1,000 lbs.
Squat Stands 2x3" Steel
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


The S Series Squat Stand Sets the New Standard

Standing six-feet high with a 4x4’ footprint, the American-made S-1 Squat Stand is a compact squat rack that gives up nothing in quality. As with the entire Rogue S Series, we’ve designed the S-1 for both durability and ease-of-use. Westside hole spacing and UHMV J-Cups now come standard, and 2x3” 11-gauge steel uprights ensure optimum stability, with weight capacity tests topping 1,000 pounds.

Because it’s the smallest and most practical of the S Series squat stands, the S-1 does not have pull-up bar holes. Its unique versatility, however, still makes it an all-in-one work station for squats, bench, clean pulls, floor press, overhead press, and much more. The S-1 is also compatible with a wide range of 2x3” accessories, including the Safety Spotter Arms, and Rogue Landmines.

The Rogue S-1 Squat Stand and Bench ships with (1) S-1 Squat Stand and (1) Rogue Flat Utility Bench.

To read recent customer reviews of the Rogue S-1 Squat Stand, click the “Reviews” tab above. To explore the larger S-Series squat racks with pull-up bar options, try the Rogue S-2, or S-3.

Rogue S-1 Squat Stand Specifications:

  • Made in Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • Height: 72”
  • Foot Print: 48x48”
  • Weight: 142 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 + lbs
  • Steel: 2x3” 11-gauge steel
  • West Side hole pattern (1” through bench and clean pull zone, 2” spacing above and below)
  • J-cup with UHMW plastic liner


Exceptionally Sturdy

Review by Jason
This was part of my recent garage gym purchase and I was expecting a high quality stand based on all the reviews, but I was still impressed by the craftsmanship. I got this with the spotter arms and it is a great setup. I'm 6'4" and place the j-hooks 2 holes down from the top when squatting. I was a pleasantly surprised with the lack of side to side movement when racking 350lbs, even with the hooks nearly maxed out on height. I'm extremely excited to have this piece of equipment be a staple in my gym for the rest of my life.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

Buy One Now

Review by Steve Miller
Fast delivery, easy setup, and incredibly well made. Saw other squat racks in Dick's and Sports Authority, but those don't even close to compare. If you are thinking of a squat rack, the decision is easy. It is this one. Couldn't be happier with the purchase. It will easily last forever.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

Really Impressed With This Squat Stand

Review by Mike D
This squat stand is solid and has very good build quality. It goes together in minutes with just an adjustable wrench. It's perfect for my home gym, I really recommend it if you're looking for a general use squat stand, you can't beat it for the price.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

Quality Stand

Review by Aaron
This fulfilled my expectations based on other Rogue products I've used before. It is very study and well made. Assembles in minutes and the increased hook intervals for benching are very convenient.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

Rock Solid

Review by Randy
I bought this for my garage gym - our CrossFit affiliate has an Infinity rack so no surprises as to what I was getting. That said, this thing is even more rock solid as a freestanding, unattached rack than I expected. Absolutely love this rack and if anybody is considering going a cheaper route for some flimsy metal, save a bit more coin and get the real thing. You won't be disappointed.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

Good quality, few minor bumps

Review by JnB
I was expected decent quality as it is Rogue and I can happily say that I was wrong...quality is great, just opening the box I could feel how hardcore this rack is, even at this price point. Very sturdy.

There are, however, a few foibles. 1) I wish the uprights had end caps vs being left wide open. 2) Due to the connection design where uprights meet the base, the safety spotter arms can only go so low, and unfortunately not very low at that. I was looking forward to being able to do some solid below the knee rack pulls with this rack using these arms, but that is definitely not the case. I'm 6' and at their lowest locked placement they put the bar at the middle of my quads, so it is more like barbell shrugging height vs. rack pull. 3) There were several spots in the powder coating that were chipped out of box, one being about an inch wide...yes this is simply aesthetic and it doesn't waiver the strength of the product, but none the less it came that way.

These are all fairly minor and I'd still rate this overall as pretty damn good. I've ordered the Yoke attachment and look forward to amping this thing up.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

American Quality!

Review by Tri_Hooiser
Rogue sets the standard for American quality and customer service. This S1 rack is built like a tank. I am so glad I spent the extra $100 over another import squat rack. Get the safety spotters, well worth it! 15 minutes to assemble, great job Rogue.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

Great Investment

Review by Scott Golightly
I still live with my parents for the time being so I needed something that I could fit in the garage around a lot of existing clutter. It fits perfectly, its incredibly versatile, and solid. I'm not the strongest, but I've drop racked 315lb probably 100 times while squatting and it doesn't flinch.
I highly recommend approaching Rogue purchases as investments: it might be a little more expensive but you're paying for unmatched quality. This is easily going to last the few years until I have my own place and can go for a rig, and will likely be around for any kids my future may hold.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand


Review by John
I ordered the S-1 at 11:00 PM on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving. After a 15 assembly, I was using my new rack the following Wednesday afternoon. The quality, like all other Rogue products I have, is fantastic. If you are looking for a multipurpose rack for home or light commercial use, this is a no-brainer. For customer service and quality equipment, Rogue is tough to match.
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

More Than I Expected

Review by James006
I have limited space in my basement and the ceiling height is 74". I debated between the ES-1 and the S-1. I am glad I went this route. For now, this is works, but in the future, I can change this into an S-2/3 just by replacing the arms and crossbar. In the meantime, this squat rack is substantial. Squats, bench, hang cleans, and more all feel extremely secure. The rack is quiet and can handle anything you can throw at it. Make sure you get the safety spotter arms (also substantial - they are well constructed and meaty). Great piece of gear - Rogue never disappoints!
| Review for: Rogue S-1 Squat Stand

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