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Rogue Training Bumpers

Rogue Training LB Bumper Plates

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210LB Training Set

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Shipping included!
(2) Each 25-35-45LB Plates
300LB Training Set

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(2)Each 25-35LB & (4) 45LB Plates
320LB Training Set

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(2) Each 25-35-45-55LB Plates
25LB Training Plate Pair
(2) 25LB Plates
35LB Training Plate Pair
(2) 35LB Plates
45LB Training Plate Pair

Coming Soon

(2) 45LB Plates
55LB Training Plate Pair
(2) 55LB Plates

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Bumpers Training
Free Shipping No
Made In USA No
3 Ships Free No
Bumper Diameter 450mm
25lb Plate Width 1 1/4"
35lb Plate Width 1 5/8"
45lb Plate Width 2"
55lb Plate Width 2 3/8"


The ultimate heavy duty bumper plates.

The Rogue Black Training Bumper Plates have arrived! These plates feature a flawless surface with custom print! We guarantee that these plates are within 10 grams of claimed weight. If a plate does not conform, it does not ship. The collar opening allows for a snug fit on the bar eliminating the loose fit bumpers can have. The hardness of the material is ideal to the olympic weightlifters preference. When dropped these plates dead blow with little bounce.


  • Collar opening: 50.40mm
  • Insert type: Steel disc, zinc plated
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 10 grams of claimed weight
  • Plate Width:
  • THICKNESS: 25 - 1 3/16", 35 - 1 5/8", 45 - 2", 55 - 2 1/4"


Very durable and thin profile, but steel insert discs came loose after first use

Review by Overall Good Product
I love these bumpers for all the same reasons of the other reviews, but my only problem that I have ran into is that on one of my 45's the steel insert disc came loose after my first time using them. I was sent a stint to fix it after I contacted Rogue (same great service as always), but I just wasn't expecting that after my first use.
| Review for: Rogue Training LB Bumper Plates

Training Bumpers -> Awesome

Review by Ben
These are probably the best set of bumpers for your money. They are very well built, are relatively thin, and look awesome!

While you might consider going with the thicket HG or Hi-temps, go with these! The solid ring in the middle will last a lifetime vs the little metal right that I've seen fly out of numerous other bumper plates before. Also the thickness of the bumpers cannot be understated. Most CF gyms only let you get up to 495 (unless they have metal plates), because of the thickness of the bumpers, these plates will allow you to go much higher.

Also FYI, these plates don't bounce like the Hi-Temps so don't expect them to. I prefer that but some people like to have all the advantage they can when flying through their deadlifts.
| Review for: Rogue Training LB Bumper Plates

Doesn't budge...

Review by bricmars
Before purchasing the Trainer Bumpers, I had been using MD econ bumpers, and the difference is amazing! Lower profile, tighter fit on the bar, and the bounce is minimal. Very pleased with the product. I would definitely purchase again.
| Review for: Rogue Training LB Bumper Plates

Awesome Bumpers!

Review by Bach999
I have had Hi-Temp bumper plate for over 10 years and they work good but these training bumpers are by far superior. Once you reach a certain point in your training, you have to graduate and get a set of these! The bumpers have very little bounce and look awesome.
| Review for: Rogue Training LB Bumper Plates


Review by Dave
To be able to get near competition training bumpers of this quality and price is amazing. Fit very well on my EliteFTS Caps Texas Power bar. Very pleased with my purchase and Rogue had them at my door in a matters of days.
| Review for: Rogue Training LB Bumper Plates

Simply the best

Review by bbqski
These are simply incredible bumpers. Very high quality and slim on the bar. The metal insert really works well and fits tight on my B&R bar.
| Review for: Rogue Training LB Bumper Plates

Training Bumpers

Review by Matt Chan
Sure they are a bit more expensive than alternative bumpers, but they are super durable and have a much thinner profile than other bumpers. We've had ours for nearly two years now and they require minimal maintenance (tighten the hex bolts every 6 months for good measure) and they still perform perfectly. Very little bounce.
| Review for: Rogue Training LB Bumper Plates

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