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The Arnold Strongman Classic

Rogue Fitness has been a proud sponsor of the Arnold Strongman Classic since 2012

Date: Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2014   Location: Columbus, OH

Event Implements

The Cyr Dumbbell

Debut: 2014

In January of 1892 Louis Cyr broke Eugen Sandow’s world record by push-pressing a dumbbell of 273.25 lbs (124 kg) over his head with one hand after taking it to his shoulder with two hands. The 274 lbs replica of the Cyr Dumbbell has been designed and built by the experts at Rogue Fitness, one of the major sponsors of the Arnold Strongman Classic.

The Bale Tote

Debut: 2014

The yoke will be loaded to weigh approximately 550 kilos/1223 lbs for the first of three heats. The men will try to carry the yoke and cotton bales a very short distance (approximately 3 meters/10 feet) and each man must carry it the full distance on each attempt in order to qualify for the next heat. Then, the process will be repeated with an increase of up to 100 kg/221 lbs for the final attempt.

Austrian Oak

Debut: 2012

The “Small” log will weigh between 374 pounds (170 kg) and 385 pounds (175 kg); The “Large” log will weigh between 441 pounds (200 kg) and 452 pounds. The challenge to the athletes will be to lift the "Oak" from the floor to arms’ length overhead for as many repetitions as possible in 90 seconds.

Ivanko Long Barbell

Debut: 2013

The tires on a new Hummer weigh approximately 100 pounds (45 kg) each, and the lightest weight available to our competitors will be a bit over 600 pounds (270 kg). By adding barbell plates and additional tires, we can increase the weight of the bar in increments of between ten and twenty pounds (five and ten kg) so the competitors can take what they want as the weight on the bar goes up.

Timber Carry

Debut: 2012

Designed by Terry Todd, built by Hugo and Jonathan Hemme of Texas, and adapted through the years by Steve Slater. This year it will weigh approximately 882 pounds (400 kg) and it will be carried approximately 35 feet (9 meters) up the same ramp we have used in recent years. The time limit is 30 seconds.


2014 Competitors

2013 Competitors

Hafthor Bjornsson

Mark Felix

Mikhail Koklyev

Derek Poundstone

Brian Shaw

Michael Burke

Jerry Pritchett

Adam Scherr

Vytautas Lalas

Krzysztof Radzikowski

Event 1 Austrian Oak

Athlete Austrian Oak
441 lbs/200kgs
Log Lift
Zydrunas Savickas 4   1
Brian Shaw 2   T-2
Michael Burke 2   T-2
Vytautus Lalas 2   T-2
Robert Oberst 2   T-2
Jerry Pritchett Pass 4 T-7
Mikhail Shivlykov 0 4 T-7
Dimitar Savatinov 0 4 T-7
Kryzysztof Radzikowski 0 4 T-7
Hafthor Bjornsson Pass 3 10

Event 2 Bale Tote

Athlete Bale Tote (Yoke)
Bale Tote (Yoke)
Zydrunas Savickas   3.87s 1
Brian Shaw   5.79s 2
Michael Burke   7.5s 3
Hafthor Bjornsson   10.53s 4
Vytautus Lalas   11.57s 5
Mikhail Shivlykov   20.95s 6
Robert Oberst   7' 11" 7
Jerry Pritchett 8"   8
Dimitar Savatinov 7' 5"   9
Kryzysztof Radzikowski Injured    

Event 3 Timber Carry

Athlete Timber Carry
882 lbs/400 kgs
Jerry Pritchett 8.85s 1
Michael Burke 10.74s 2
Brian Shaw 18.72s 3
Mikhail Shivlykov 29' 1" 4
Zydrunas Savickas 27' 7.5" 5
Vytautus Lalas 21' 6
Hafthor Bjornsson 18' 10.5" 7
Robert Oberst 11' 8.5" 8
Dimitar Savatinov 10' 6" 9
Kryzysztof Radzikowski Injured  

Event 4 Hummer Tire Deadlift

Athlete Hummer Tire Deadlift
Best Lift
Zydrunas Savickas 524.22 kg/1155.70 lb World Record 1
Brian Shaw 511.72 kg/1128.14 lb 2
Vytautus Lalas 481.72 kg/1062.00 lb T-3
Jerry Pritchett 481.72 kg/1062.00 lb T-3
Hafthor Bjornsson 451.03 kg/994.35 lb 5
Mikhail Shivlykov 441.03 kg/ 972.30 lb 6
Michael Burke 416.03 kg/917.18 lb 7
Dimitar Savatinov 411.03 kg/906.16 lb 8
Robert Oberst 381.03 kg/840.02 lb 9
Kryzysztof Radzikowski Injured  

Event 5 Cyr Dumbbell

Athlete Cyr Dumbbell 274 lbs
Zydrunas Savickas 4 T-1
Brian Shaw 4 T-1
Michael Burke 4 T-1
Hafthor Bjornsson 4 T-1
Vytautus Lalas 3 T-5
Dimitar Savatinov 3 T-5
Jerry Pritchett 0 T-7
Mikhail Shivlykov 0 T-7
Robert Oberst 0 T-7
Kryzysztof Radzikowski Injured  

2014 Final Results

Athlete Points Place
Zydrunas Savickas 44.5 1
Brian Shaw 42.5 2
Michael Burke 35 3
Vytautus Lalas 32 4
Hafthor Bjornsson 26.5 5
Jerry Pritchett 25.5 6
Mikhail Shivlykov 23 7
Robert Oberst 20 8
Dimitar Savatinov 16.5 9
Kryzysztof Radzikowski 5.5 10

History of Strongman

“People in those days knew how important it would be to a man to be able strong. In a world in which a lot of people earned their living by the strength of their back, that meant something.”

While the training methods have evolved and the competitions have been refined, the core traditions of Strongman date back as far as civilization itself. From the Herculean efforts of the ancient Greeks through to the Highlanders of Scotland and the circus tent showmen of the 20th century, the Strongman has always captivated audiences and inspired new generations of athletes to shoot for goals once thought unimaginable.

It’s only been in recent years, however, that the Strongman tradition has finally found its ideal showcase—moving from the stuff of legends into the world of serious, internationally appreciated athletics. Spurred by the creation of Strongman organizations, advances in weight training, and the growth of major events like the Arnold Strongman Classic, today’s Strongman can test his (or her) skills against the very best from around the globe. The competitors at the 2014 Arnold Classic won’t just be carrying on a legacy, they’ll be forging a future for one of the world’s oldest sports.