Men's Powerlifting Bars

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Good: York 7' USA Power Bar - 1500: A solid intermediate bushing bar with a 32mm or 30mm diameter black oxide shaft and hard chrome sleeves.

Better: Westside Power Bar: Co-developed with powerlifting legend Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, this 205 KSI bushing bar features a deep, aggressive Powerlifting knurl with a center knurl for stick on the squats. Extremely strong, extremely dependable--you'd be hard pressed to find a better power bar on the market.

Best: Rogue Ohio Power Bar: Built in Columbus, the Ohio Power is a 29mm diameter bar with a more aggressive knurl pattern, an additional center knurl for squats, and an ultra-durable 205 KSI tensile strength steel construction. Bronze bushings and a snap ring design ensure a consistent spin, and you can choose from a bare steel or black zinc/bright zinc coating.