Avoid Constipation-It’s Easy – Strength Magazine – April, 1925

“I am never constipated,” declares the chronically “tired” person, “but I have so many headaches and I feel so generally all-round no account.” And so he walks around to the drug store and buys an iron tonic and lets it go at that. What that “tired” person doesn’t know is that constipation-“intestinal stasis,” as the doctors call it-is probably the cause of all his troubles. The reason for his constipation is usually two-fold; first, he eats refined, concentrated foods which leave so little unabsorbed residue that the intestinal peristalsis can’t grip it hard enough to move it; second, he has contracted the “once-a-day” habit because two or three bowel actions a day are inconvenient.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas