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“I Could Hit .450 A Year” – Strength Magazine – August, 1928

Although Hans Wagner’s sun has set in baseball, yet h e still retains close contact with the game and with sports in general through his sporting goods store in Pittsburgh . That the game still holds a great lure for him was proven by an incident, or rather a series of incidents, that occurred recently. Wagner, besides running his store, dabbles in politics. At the opening of the last session of the Pennsylvania legislature he was appointed a sergeant-at-arms. He was sworn in and took up his post. After the first session something happened. Wagner was not to be seen. He failed to show up for his duties. A move was made to “fire” him from his political job. His sponsor wondered what was keep- ing the Flying Dutchman away and started an inquiry. Wagner told him that he was too busy with his private business to hold on to the job.

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