The February Weight Lifting Exhibition – Strength Magazine – March, 1917

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 17th, about seventy-five enthusiasts met at my factory and saw three solid hours of lifting. Heretofore, these lifting events have been attended only by a couple of dozen enthusiasts, but on this occasion I welcomed the opportunity of giving a number of my local pupils a chance to see some of the famous “stars” in action. The program was, briefly, as follows :
Contest at dead-weight lifting.
Attempt by Nordquest to break Saxon’s record in the Shoulder-Bridge Lift.
Posing by Matysek.
Exhibition of Standard Lifts by Robert Snyder, Jr.
Special lifts by Matysek.
Exhibition One-Arm Press by Nordquest.
Exhibition Crucifix Lift by Jennings.
Open contest at the One-Arm Pull-Over.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas