The Palace of Aches and Pains – Strength Magazine – December, 1926

Generally a name given to Madison Square Garden about the first week in December and about the same time in March, though it can also apply to a certain large building in Chicago, or to some such buildings in the principal cities of France, Germany and Belgium. The reason whyfore being, that thirty or forty young men, in the prime of life, are willing to enter that building with no intention of leaving for a week, and during that week to see if they can get along without sleep and to spend their time chasing each other around a circular track- while thousands of supposedly sane men and women crowd their way into the aforesaid Palace and shout and yell for all they are worth, trying to stir the bike-riders into increased action-and the chances are the fans will forget all about bed and continue all night to make themselves hoarse, leave in the morning only because they have a position or job to hold down, and then at the end of their day’s work come back and repeat the attack of insomnia, and temporary symptoms of insanity.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas