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What Can You Do On the Roman Rings? – Strength Magazine – January, 1930

There is as much difference between “swingin’ on the rings” and “performing on the rings” as there is between snowball fighting and a Mexican revolution. Time was when the cry, “Hey, gang, c’mon over an’ see me skin th’ cat,” brought every envious kid on the square on the run to see the star athlete of the back-yard gymnasium do his stuff. Came a later age, marked by much facial contortion and arm twisting business m the high school gym, during which we mastered to complete satisfaction such great feats as the swinging dislocation, the double cut and catch (at the back swing) and a “stab” at the back planche and shoulder balance. We thought ourselves world beaters, and boasted not a little to each other of our prowess.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas