Your Abdominal Development – Strength Magazine – April, 1929

In my opinion there is no section of your muscular system in which development and strength are more important than in the abdominal section. From a standpoint of muscular beauty (if I may use that word in describing the masculine figure) there is no part of the human figure that quite compares with the abdominal section when it is well developed. The lines or depressions between the bulges that run from ribs to pelvis and from side to side crossing each other at right angles are usually almost perfect in symmetry. These depressions and the muscular bulges between them have been likened to, and often called, the “wash-board” because of the corrugated effect, but I think the comparison is not so good. A finely developed abdomen reminds me more of a small section of a street newly paved with Belgian blocks or cobble stones.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas