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Ader Kettlebells

These are some of the highest quality kettlebells currently being produced.

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9lb Premier Kettlebell
13lb Premier Kettlebell
18lb Premier Kettlebell
26lb Premier Kettlebell
35lb Premier Kettlebell
44lb Premier Kettlebell
53lb Premier Kettlebell
62lb Premier Kettlebell
70lb Premier Kettlebell
80lb Premier Kettlebell
88lb Premier Kettlebell
97lb Premier Kettlebell
106lb Premier Kettlebell
124lb Monster Kettlebell

150lb Monster Kettlebell
176lb Monster Kettlebell
203lb Monster Kettlebell

Gear Specs

Brand Ader
Color Black
Made In USA No
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

These kettlebells are personal favorites at Rogue.

Ader has managed to produce a kettlebell line which has all the right features we look for in a perfect kettelbell.

Each kettlebell is cast in one piece, which makes the handle much stronger, and any casting seams are ground down before the finishing process. This makes for a smooth and comfortable bell that can be used for many reps with little issue

The bottom of the bell has a wide, flat surface that makes it much more stable during movements such as renegade rows and kettlebell pushups.

Finally, Ader kettlebells are finished with a hard hammertone epoxy that will not chip like normal paint will.

Ever wonder what to do with those huge Monster Kettlebells?