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Complete CrossFit Packages

The Buyers Guide for Complete CrossFit Packages

Good: SoCal Complete: Includes everything you need to get started: Beater bar and spring collars, Bumpers, Medicine Ball and Kettlelbell.

Better: Charlie CrossFit: Upgrade to a Rogue Bar and HG Collars, the bar and collars used at the CrossFit Games, and add a pair of 35 pound bumpers.

Best: Bravo CrossFit: Add a second Kettlebell, an Abmat and a jumprope to the Charlie Package to equip you for even more workouts.

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Everything you need to get started in CrossFit including: Complete Packages, Bars, Bumpers, Rings, Kettlebells, Squat Stands, Pullup Bars, Plyoboxes, Jumpe Ropes, Medicine Balls, Abmats, Collars, Glute Ham Developers, Climbing Ropes, Benches and Storage.