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5 People Per Class Packages

The Buyers Guide for 5 People Per Class Packages

Good: 5 Person Econ Package: 1000 pounds of Rogue HG bumpers, (5) Econ bars, 200 pounds of kettlebells, (5) sets of spring collars, (2) sets of rings, (5) Dynamax balls, (2) games plyo boxes, (1) Concept 2 rower, (2) S-1 squat stands, (2) jump ropes, (5) Abmats, (1) stop watch.

Better: 5 Person Affiliate Package: Upgrade to (5) sets of 10, 25, 35, 45 pound Rogue Hi-Temp bumpers. Add (2) pairs of 2.5 and 5 pound iron plates. Upgrade to Rogue bars, upgrade to (2) 18 pound kettlbells, (4) 35 pound kettlbells and (4) 53 pound kettlebells, upgrade to (5) pairs of hg collars, add (3) additional sets of rings, add a climbing rope, change to (2) 20" plyo boxes. No stopwatch is included.

Best: 5 Person Alpha Package: Change to 1000 pounds of Rogue Hi-Temp bumpers, add (2) Bella bars, add (2) 15 pound technique bars, add a 9 bar holder, change to 200 pounds of kettlbells, add (5) D-Balls, upgrade to (5) games plyo boxes, add an I-10 Infinity Rig, add (5) Rogue benches, add (3) additional jump ropes, add (3) Rogue GHD's, add a second rower, add a No Limits programmable timer.

10 People Per Class Packages

12-18 People Per Class Packages

Men's Weightlifting Bars

Men's Powerlifting Bars

Men's Multipurpose Bars

Women's Bars

Technique Bars



Pull-up Rig/Rack Hybrids

Squat Stands & Racks

Pull-up Bars

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Plyo Boxes

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Rowers and SkiErgs


Jump Ropes




Grip World



Other Essentials

Building a CrossFit Gym in an educational facility? Here is everything you need, with special attention given to ensure that all the products in this section will stand up to the use and abuse typical of students and student athletes.

Includes: Complete Packages, Bars, Bumpers, Collars, Rigs, Squat Racks, Rings, Kettlebells, Plyo Boxes, Medicine Balls, Rowers, Abmats, Jump Ropes, Collars, Sleds, Benches, Floorings, Storage and more.