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Eleiko Bar

Eleiko WL Bars

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Eleiko Olympic WL Competition Bar - 15KG
Eleiko Olympic WL Competition Bar - 20KG

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Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar - 15KG

Availability: In Stock Early August
Eleiko Olympic WL Training Bar - 20KG

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Gear Specs

Brand Eleiko
Bar Type Men's Bars, Women's Bars
Bar Use Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting
Made In USA No
Free Shipping Yes
3 Ships Free No

The Eleiko bar offers the best grip ever.
The smooth but firm contact with the grip area, the perfect flexibility and the soft sound from the stabilized rotation of the sleeves (which prevents wrist and arm injuries) all contribute to that special feeling you get when using an Eleiko bar.

 Eleiko Bar Testing

All bars are individually tested in accordance with the Eleiko Quality Policy and provided with serial numbers.

Stringent Quality Procedure
Every Eleiko bar manufactured undergoes a stringent quality procedure. Each bar is placed in a vice and bent with an hydraulic jack subjecting a force of 1500 kg. No bar will ever be bent that much during competition or training. The bar must spring back to an exact straightness with a maximum deviation of no more than 0,5 mm. The same procedure is repeated on the sleeves but with a force of 2500 kg.

Lifetime Warranty
The lifetime warranty is valid for bars purchased after 1th of January 2009,
the definition of lifetime warranty is 10 years.  The Eleiko Bar must only be dropped on an Eleiko Platform and be loaded with Eleiko Discs.  Normal  wear and tear is not an argument to invoke the guarantee

Competition Bar
The world famous Eleiko IWF-approved weightlifting competition bar is made from special Swedish steel giving unsurpassed durability and perfect flexibility. A total of ten precision bearings are fitted to each bar for optimum rotation in order to prevent wrist and arm injuries. Firm but not sharp knurling gives the bar the special "Eleiko feeling".

All Eleiko Competition bars are individually tested in accordance with the Eleiko quality policy and provided with a serial number. Sleeves to suit 50 mm discs. Lifetime warranty.

Do not leave the Eleiko Bar loaded with weights on a rack. Clean the knurling on a regular basis, use the provided brush. Sharp edges can damage the chrome.


Eleiko WL Bars 5 out of 5 stars based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.


Review by David

Excellent bar definitely the gold standard for bars. However if you're going to spend this much money on a bar you might as well spend the same on your collars and change plates. I used some cheapo change plates when I first got the bar and had scratched up the sleeves a bit.

| Review For: Eleiko WL Bars

best bar you will ever grip

Review by Weightpro

Never buy any other bar on the planet. This bar deserves a 6 star rating not a 5. It feels like you have a wrist protection on when you do not. it flexes way better than any other bar. and there are many other great things about it. Do not look at a single other bar. This is the best of the best

| Review For: Eleiko WL Bars

When you only want the best

Review by Wasatch Damon

I train on this bar 4 days a week and quite possibly love it as much as my 3 sons. Initially the knurling was very aggressive but I've gotten used to it. Otherwise it's the best bar I've ever used. There is a noticeable difference in the whip and spin compared to a Rogue bar and I find this bar to be much easier on my wrists and shoulders. Would highly recommend you splurge. One caveat: This bar has never been in a squat rack and never will be, it's for Oly only.

| Review For: Eleiko WL Bars

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