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Husafell Stone

Husafell Stone Mold

Availability: Ships in 7-10 Business Days. Available only in continental US 48 states


Gear Specs

Brand Slaters
Color No
Length 28"
Height 30"
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

The Legendary Stone.

We grew up watching the stongest men in the world carry the Husafell stone on TV.  Brute strength is the only answer to move the 418LB slab of rock.  Now you can make your own Husafell Stone.

Legend has it that pastor Snorri used the stone as a door to his sheep pen.  Successfully carrying the stone the full distance (50m) around the sheep pen is referred to as fullsterker, or full-stong status.  The fullsterker strength test begins at 341LB.  The halfsterkur (half-strength) test begins at 228.8LB. Hálfdrættingur (weakling) status is up to 107.8LB and amlóði (useless) is up to 50.7LB.  Let us know what your status is.


  • Empty Mold Weight:  40LB
  • Mold is reusable
  • Multiple weights can be molded from a single mold.  Make the stone thinner for less weight or add lead shot or steel plates to get to 500LB. 
  • Fill with fiber reinforced concrete