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Mass Storage Accessories

Mass Storage Accessories

Price Qty
Rogue Rail Mount Hanger - Pair
Rogue Rail Mount Hanger - 4 Pack
Rogue Bookshelf Divider - 4 Pack
Change Plate Storage Pin 2-Pack
Change Plate Storage Pin 4-Pack
Mass Storage Wheels 2-Pack
Mass Storage Wheels 4-Pack
XE-43 Echo 43" Crossmember with Holes Single
XE-10 Echo 10" Crossmember with Holes Pair
Mounting Hardware Included
Mass Storage Rail Kit
Includes (2) XE-10, (1) XE-43 and hardware

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color Black
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

Expand the capabilities of your mass storage system.

By adding any or all of the accessories available, the Rogue Mass Storage System becomes a staple for keeping any gym tidy and organized. Rogue's ever increasing line of attachments will ensure you are maxing out the potential of your Mass Storage System.

Rail Mount Hanger

  • 6" Hook (Available in 2 or 4-packs)
  • Weight Capacity: 100lbs

Bookshelf Divider

  • Keep your bumpers upright and organized
  • No hardware required for installation

Change Plate Storage Pin

  • Keep your small increments of steel off the ground

Mass Storage Wheels

  • Add wheels for increased mobility

XE-43 Echo 43" Crossmember with Holes Single

  • -Mounts within any 43" Mass Storage Unit section
  • -Use with the Rail Mount Hangers for storage of light equipment

XE-10 Echo 10" Crossmember with Holes Pair

  • Mounts from front to back between Mass Storage Uprights
  • Can be used to in conjunction with the XE-43 or to hang rail hooks from.

Mass Storage Rail Kit

  • Combine this with a set of rail mount hooks to keep accessories more accessible
  • Includes (2) XE-10 crossmembers, (1) XE-43 crossmember, and mounting hardware