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Muscletrac - Elite Stiff

Muscletrac - Elite Stiff

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Brand MuscleTrac
Color Gray
Length 18"
Diameter 2"
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping Yes
3 Ships Free No

Whether you are a competitive athlete looking for a way to combat your muscle aches and pains from training and competition, or a sports medicine professional looking for an effective device to add to your "soft-tissue toolbox", the MuscleTrac can provide great benefits.

This lightweight massage tool is designed to deeply penetrate and stretch the tissue and fascia. This two-part action rapidly increases blood flow and improves elasticity to restore muscle function.


  • Locates and eliminates muscle pain, soreness and trigger points
  • Improves tissue elasticity and flexibility
  • Increases circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • Promotes metabolic waste product clearance
  • Stimulates sensory nerves
  • Improves tissue alignment

The Muscletrac Elite® is a 6 trac roller that provides superficial to deep penetration and stretching of the fascia and muscle tissue. This two-part action rapidly increases blood flow, improves tissue elasticity and reduces muscle tightness, soreness, trigger points and adhesions. The versatile Muscletrac can be used for warm-up, recovery and therapy applications.