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Natural Grip Enhanced by Goat Tape

Natural Grip Enhanced by Goat Tape

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Brand The Natural Grip
Color Black
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Natural Grip Enhanced by Goat Tape

With an additional layer of Rogue-brand Goat Tape connected to a standard Natural Grip, weightlifters now have a protective hand wrap that delivers more padding and a longer shelf life.

Natural Grips are made from a Zinc Oxide cotton tape that’s thin and breathable enough for a natural feel on the bar but durable enough to help protect the hands from cuts and calluses. The Malaysian-grade adhesive in Goat Tape adds another line of defense and a reliably moisture-resistant grip—uniquely designed for the needs of competitive CrossFit athletes.

Natural Grips should be secured tightly around the wrists before a workout using wrist wraps and/or athletic tape. Correct sizing is critical in how effective this product will be, so be sure to refer to the sizing chart below before placing an order.


  • Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape (not available in most athletic shops)
  • Latex-free adhesive
  • Added layer of “Scary Sticky” Goat Tape with Rogue logo
  • Porous for breathability / NOT washable
  • Potential life span: 6+ months - frequency of use and volume dependent
  • Color: Black
  • Must be used in conjunction with athletic tape and/or wrist wraps for a secure fit

Size Chart:
(Measure the circumference of your ring finger to determine your natural grip size. If you fall between sizes, order the larger size)

Ring Size Chart
Circumference (mm)Ring SizeCircumference (mm)Ring Size
49 5 59 9
51 5 1/2 61 9 1/2
52 6 62 10
53 6 1/2 63 10 1/2
55 7 65 11
56 7 1/2 66 11 1/2
57 8 68 12
58 8 1/2