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Rogue I-10 - 10' Infinity Rig


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Rogue I-14 - 14' Infinity Rig


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Rogue I-20 - 20' Infinity Rig


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Rogue I-24 - 24' Infinity Rig


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Infinity Rigs

The Ultimate Pullup Rig and Rack Solution that acts a focal point in your gym and provides for all your squat rack and pullup bar needs and much, much more.

Rogue Fitness Infinity Rigs are exceptionally configurable and infinitely expandable with the ability to put pullup bars at 3 different heights, customize length and width, choose from multiple upright height choices, and add from an ever-expanding family of attachments.

A common configuration would be to place the Infinity Rig in the center of the gym with alternating 4 foot and 6 foot upright spacing for alternating squat racks and pullup bars as far as your space will permit.

Options include configuring all or part of the Infinity Rig with 12-foot uprights to add enough height for climbing ropes and additional ring height choices, or changing the width of the rack to 4’ to save on floor space. If you are short on overhead space, you can also make it a shorty rig, using 7’ 6” uprights.

Wall ball targets and other attachments like, Rogue Matador Dip Stations, Safety Spotter Arms, Flying Pullup Bars, Kid Pullup Bars, Landmines, and Plate Storage and can be added so that everything you need for a workout is provided. This leaves the rest of your floors clear for Olympic lifting, box jumps, double unders and other movements.

Infinity Rigs are made in Ohio from 2” X 3” 11 Gauge powder coated steel with 5/8” Bolts and Fasteners. All of the uprights have the Westside Hole Pattern, 1 inch spacing through the bench and clean pull zone and 2 inches everywhere else from the floor to the pull-up bars.

Once you have a Rogue Fitness Infinity Rig, you will not be able to figure out how you lived without it.

Rogue Fitness Infinity Rig Specifications:

1. Customizable Length with 4’ or 6' Width.

2. Made with “2” X 3” 11 Gauge Steel.

3. 5/8” Bolts, Fasteners and J-Cup Pins.

4. Choose between 7’ 6”, 9’ or 12’ Uprights.

5. All Uprights have the Westside Hole Pattern – 1” hole spacing through bench and clean pull zone then 2” hole spacing above and below from the ground to the pullup bars.

6. Pullup Bar height is adjustable to 8’, 7’ 6” or 7’. Single bars can be substituted to accommodate taller athletes or add additional height for rings.

7. (2) J-Cups with UHMW plastic inserts are included per 4’ rack section.

8. Unit Must Be Bolted to the Floor. Concrete Anchor Kits are available.

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