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Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope

Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope

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Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Speed Rope
11' Replacement Cable Kit
Adjustable Screw Included
11' Replacement Cable Kit - 5 Pack
Adjustable Screws Included
10' Replacement Cable Kit
Adjustable Screw Included
10' Replacement Cable Kit - 5 Pack
Adjustable Screws Included

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Brand Rogue
Handle Mechanism Bearing
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free Yes
Colors Black Handles - Red Cable
Cable Size No
Cable Length +/-.5" 10' 0"


Quality, Craftsmanship, and Handmade in Ohio.

The Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Speed Rope is a new class of jump rope. We have taken a simple product and given it the Rogue Über treatment. Made with the finest materials like aircraft grade aluminum and precision high-speed ball bearings, this is for the serious athlete and connoisseur. It's OK to not share this rope with your friends (or significant other).


  • Handle Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Handle
  • Handle Length: 4.75"
  • Cable: 10-ft Red Coated 3/32" speed cable
  • Adjustment: dual adjustable ends (allen key is included)
  • Tapered handle: 7/16" spindle to 5/8" diameter base


You wont regret buying this rope

Review by Brock
Having sworn that the SR-1 was the best rope on the planet, I found myself not wanting to buy the SR-2 Ballistic for a few reasons. 1. Cost 2. How could it possibly be better than the SR-1?? After all, I learned how to do double unders using the SR-1 and could effectively string together 20, and then 30, and then 60-70 double unders without hesitation as I progressed (over about a years time). Well I bit the bullet and bought the SR-2 Ballistic rope our of curiosity, and lets just say "WOW!!!!" Let me say it again, "WOW!!!!" I would never classify double unders as being easy, but I pulled this rope out of the package and quickly sized it up...then went for it to see if double unders could possibly be somehow EASIER than with my SR-1. I was extremely impressed with how this rope performed and how much less wrist action it required to make it go. My first time using it I was able to knock out 77 double unders and was literally laughing at how much easier this rope made them. I've let all of my buddies at the CrossFit box I workout give it a whirl and time after time I heard "I'm buying one of these today!!" Amazing rope--- and while I do still think its pricey; it's well worth the $$ if you have even the smallest amount of curiosity. You'll thank me later...
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Frustrating at first, amazing after a bit!

Review by Jared
Coming from a normal weighted rope, I was having the hardest time getting this down. So much so that I was thinking about just bagging it and not using it. It does hurt the first little bit, but once you get a rhythm going, you just get it and there is no going back for me. I was only able to string sets of 2 Double-unders at any given time. Now I have no problem stringing sets of 75 (this is the most I've gotten so far, and I think i've had it for just under a month), just be patient with yourself. Jump a little higher and rotate wrists a little faster than normal and you will be amazed how many you get. Thank you Rogue. On top of the speedy delivery, the product is built like a tank and will probably last a good couple years if treated appropriately. Thank you again. First purchase but definitely not the last. Looking at the Mobility WOD stuff now to work out the calves from all the new jumping I've been doing.
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Super Fast Rope, Not for Beginners

Review by Jason
I was out of ideas for Christmas, and even though I have an SR-1 already, I decided to add this to my list, not really expecting to get it, but I did.

Double Unders and I have had a very long, rocky relationship. I spent over 2 years trying to learn how to do them, and probably 5 jump ropes later, have ended up here, using the SR-2. A quick history lesson.

1. Started with the gym, cheap plastic ropes, different length every time, and was frustrated.
2. Bought a Buddy Lee $40 rope with the silver handles, forget the official name. Don't know what I really feel about that rope, but used it for about 6 months. The last straw came when I got so excited, thinking I had finally learned double unders, only to look down and realize that the 10 in a row I thought I had done, was a result of the rope breaking right in the middle, and not realizing it... :/
3. Bought an RX jump rope with the next to fattest cable. Learns you lessons real quick, getting hit with that thing. This is the rope that I think thought me double unders. I made the most progress using this rope, and that thickness of cable. I bought the next cable up, and the one above that. Tried to move up to the middle thickness cable, and had trouble, so went back to the next to fattest again. Stayed there for another month or so, then was able to move up a cable about once every month or so. I got to the point where I could do dubs fairly well with the next to thinnest rope, and thought it had become my rope of choice. Until one day, the little plastic spacer on the handle split and came off, basically making the rope unusable. I thought the RX rope was indestructible... I didn't want to spend another $28 to get another one, so enter choice rope 4.
4. Rogue SR-1. Awesome rope for $21. I liked the long handles, with the fat part on the end. I was able to get more double unders with this rope, than the RX. I like it, and I think it's as well, or better made, than the RX rope (only plastic is the handle). I had this rope only about 2-3 months, before getting the SR-2.
5. Rogue SR-2. Wow, I didn't expect to get it, but a nice little box under the tree had it in there. Amazing. I set the cable length, put my work shoes on, and in jeans, decided to do dubs in the house to test it out. My max PR unbroken was 54 reps, and I hit 50, and realized I was going to break that PR. I hit 60 before stopping, and then held the handles up for the next 5 minutes looking at how awesome they were. I couldn't believe it. Wasn't even trying. It is a fast rope, and I've had to be careful, because it spins a lot faster than I've been used to, and it sometimes causes me to miss. But all in all, a good rope. Did Annie a couple days ago, and had a 50 second PR.

My only complaint, is that like others have said, since the rope is attached to the handles via a set screw, and not a loop, like the RX ropes, you have to make sure the cable is not coiled up, or you have to twist the handle around to fix it. I don't recommend coiling this rope to store it, unless you have to, otherwise it's hard to keep it from coiling up during a WOD. If you can hang it for a couple hours before a WOD, it works just great.

I thought the slickness of the aluminum of the handles would be an issue, but they have a little bit of a ribbing which helps you hold onto it. I've seen some people at the gym put some athletic tape at the end of the handle, just to give a little something to hold onto.

I don't really pay much attention putting the rope down, all our floors have rubber mats down, so nothings going to hurt it. I just keep them away from the barbell/kettle bells.

All in all, an awesome rope, but I would think it would be tough to use as a beginner rope, due tot he light cable, and fast handles. I don't plan on going back to any other rope, unless this one breaks, which I don't see happening. In fact, I'm hoping in the coming years, that I'll just be able to replace the ball bearings, and keep using the same rope.
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Excellent jump rope

Review by gj7668
Very well made product, fast as bad news.
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Buy this rope ...period

Review by MC Ed Latham
Started with a buddy lee rope 2 years ago and moved to a SR-1 about 2 weeks ago and immediately PR'd. Just couldn't help purchasing the SR-2 after seeing such a difference in the SR-1. It's truely a weapon. 100 straight on my first try out of the box. Used this rope in today's WOD and improved my average consecutive DU's by 2x. Dont be afraid to spend the 5 sec to "right" the rope. It's worth it. Use tape on the handles. Rogue hit it out of the park on this one.
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SR2 vs RX

Review by craigj
Just some quick comments in case anyone needs help deciding between ropes in the future. I can currently string together over 100 DUs consistently and need a good responsive rope with speed and less "fatigueability". I previously owned a RX rope with an elite cable and purchased the SR2 to "upgrade". The first time I used the rope I strung together more DUs then I even had. The rope is fast. i've been using it for the past few months and am unfortunately going back to the RX with a lighter cable for one reason only; you have to pick up your rope untangled mid-wod perfectly everytime to avoid alignment issues. If you pick up the rope right, then the SR2 flies. If you turn the handle even one turn, your DU's suffer and I found myself missing quite a bit and having to look closely at which way it was twisted to fix the problem. So if you want a rope that you can show off your hundreds of DUs in a row, then the SR2 is king. But personally, I need a rope I can pick up and set down (in a hurry) mid wod and not have to worry about it being perfectly untangled. hope the review helps someone
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Well worth the $60.00 the Ferrari of jump ropes

Review by Patrick
Ok why spend $60.00 on a jump rope? because I have screws in both wrists with almost no range of motion, My left arm will not extend completely due to reconstructive surgery,and I have the rhythm of a 3 leg elephant..But with this rope I am now doing 3/ 2 minute rounds without tripping myself.heck all i need is Sweet Georgia Brown playing in the background and I would feel like Sugar ray Robinson...So in conclusion why spend the 60 harps?? because some people are content to drive a Ford while others want to get behind the wheel of a FERRARI
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Crazy Awesome!

Review by Steve Baker
The new SR-2 is absolutely amazing! One of the best purchases i've bought for my garage gym. Right out of the box this rope was extremely easy to use and had a great feel in your hand. Rogue did it again with another great product!
| Review for: Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope

Top-Notch Quality

Review by Nick
Just received the SR-2 today and got a chance to test it out. It performed very well and feels great...little to no fatigue after numerous stretches of double unders. Definitely smoother than my RPM rope, SR-1, or Rev Rope. Great job on this one, Rogue.
| Review for: Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope

Quality Rope

Review by Trickman2
So let's start by saying I own 3 other jump ropes.
SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope
Ropes as Rx
RPM Speed Rope
Onto the Review the SR-2
-It is fast
-Awesome quality
-Made in the USA.
-Design is slick looking.
-Coated Cable
-Nice weighted rope.
-Rogue Stands behind their products

So what are the con's...
-The handles can become slick and their is not much grip to them.
-The Cost Ouch: 65 dollars for a Jump rope...USA Made comes with a cost
-The Rope is screwed down and this does not allow the rope to spin freely in all directions. This causes two issues
1) Rope must be straight and lined up when tightening down the rope for the first time.
2) Rope must be aligned and straight before starting to jump rope.

Comparison to the others now.
RPM Rope
- fast when it gets going
- rope spins freely in all directions and does not have to be aligned.
-Good handles with awesome grip.
-Handle does not seem to spin like the SR2 or SR1 rope. I am surprised it is quick like it is.
- Non coated cable
- Not made in the USA
-unknown product support reputation

Fast free flowing rope
-good handles
- handles roll smoothly
- no alignment issues
-long handles
-good cable weight
- Cheap for the quality
-not made in the Usa
-Allen bolt in the handle can become loose and is impossible to get a allen wrench in there. (Pencil eraser Works well to tighten it)
-handles are easier to break due to the length.

Last but not least;
Rx Jump rope;
-Fast enough
-customization (cable weight, length)
-Great learners rope
-no alignment issues
- It is a handle with skateboard bearings
- handles seemed to be wrapped with Tennis handle tape
-Cost is high for what it is
- not the fastest rope of the bunch
So I am going to give the SR2 a four star because of the Quality and being made in the USA, but this rope might not be the best for a workout were you must reset a lot. IE 50 double unders, 10 pushups amrap style. Alignment and not wanting to damage your Lamborghini jump rope will waste time.

It is a Lamborghini jump rope and just plain awesome in a lot of respects.
Would it be my first choice of ropes for the cost and design. No, I think I would go with the RPM rope for a normal workout.
For learning I would go with the Rx rope with a heavier cable
The SR1 for a economy rope- quality to performance ratio.

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