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The Rogue Hatchet

The Rogue V2 Hatchet

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color Black
Product Weight 19oz (Head Weight)
Handle Length 15.5"
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

Rogue collaborated with Hardcore Hammers to build a hatchet worthy of the Rogue name.

If you think a hatchet is only as good as the hand that wields it, you’re forgetting about the hands that build it. The new line of Rogue hatchets are individually crafted from a rough forging, cut to a unique, distinctive shape, then ground, sharpened, and polished-- by hand— right here in the USA. Unlike the generic, assembly-line hatchets available at your typical hardware store, each Rogue hatchet has the personal touch of a master craftsman, with a weight and balance ideally suited to a quick, clean cut.

The handle of the Rogue hatchet measures 15.5” and is constructed from high quality American Hickory, which is then turned on a shape lathe and sanded and finished one-by-one (creating subtle variances from one handle to another). The 19 ounce head is then joined to the handle—again by hand—and a final clear coat is added to the finished product. We even apply the Rogue Fitness logo by hand.

Before a hatchet can do the work you want it to do, someone has to put the work into it. That’s the difference with the Rogue hatchet—American made, hand-crafted, ready to ship.