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York Weightlifting Training Bars

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Men's Needle Bearing Olympic Training Bar - 28mm
Women's Needle Bearing Olympic Training Bar - 25mm
"Ultra-Lite" 6' 15lb Aluminum Bar - 150 lb Test - 28 mm

Gear Specs

Brand York
Bar Type Men's Bars, Women's Bars
Bar Use Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Technique
Bar Weight 15KG, 15LB, 20KG
Diameter 25MM, 28MM, 29MM
Knurl Olympic
Center Knurl Yes
Knurl Marks Olympic
Shaft Coating Hard Chrome
Sleeve Coating Hard Chrome
Bushing/Bearing Bearing
Guarantee/Warranty Construction Only
Free Shipping No
Made In USA No
3 Ships Free No

The needle-bearing bars are perfect for training the Olympic movements with lighter weights or for any CrossFit workout. They spin freely and the hard chrome coating is extremely durable and easy to clean. The knurling is a bit deeper than the Pendlay bars, but makes up for the slicker coating. We have been using ours at Rogue for over 2 years and is a staple for moderate weight O-lift work and WODs.

The "Ultra-Lite" bar is an aluminum technique bar that is the perfect starter bar for teaching beginners the technique of the Olympic lifts. It can also be used as a scaled-weight bar for CrossFit workouts.