Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser isn’t just the first and only 5-time "Fittest Man on Earth". By winning every single live competition he’s competed in since the summer of 2016, he has cemented his status in many people’s minds as the greatest CrossFit athlete in history, perhaps rivaled only by his counterpart on the women’s side, Tia-Clair Toomey.

After two consecutive runner-up finishes in 2014 and 2015, the 5’6" Vermont native grabbed his first CrossFit Games title the following year, winning the Men’s Individual Competition by the largest margin in the event’s history (197 points). Some athletes would have been pleased just to finally reach the mountaintop. Mat Fraser, on the other hand, had to make it his personal property. He defended his crown easily in 2017 (winning by an even wider gap of 216 pts); made it a three-peat in 2018 (by 220 pts); and matched Rich Froning’s once "unreachable" record of four straight titles in 2019. This year, when any athlete would have been forgiven for falling off in their training, Fraser seemed to reach even another level still, leading wire to wire and dominating his four competitors in the CrossFit Games Finals with an incredible points margin of 545.

Mat was already a former Junior National Weightlifting Champion when he first entered the CrossFit ranks seven years ago, but he still shocked many when he debuted with a podium finish right between legends Froning and Jason Khalipa at the 2014 Games. Since then, along with his 5-straight Games victories, he has also collected 5 Regional championships, 4 Open championships, and the inaugural Rogue Invitational title in 2019.

In between traveling the globe for competition these past few years, Fraser found time to graduate from the University of Vermont with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management. With his work ethic and personal drive, Mat is primed to succeed in his pursuits long after his competitive CrossFit days are behind him.