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2-Tier Mass Storage System - 70"

2-Tier Mass Storage System - 70"

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2-Tier 70" Mass Storage System
Mass Storage Wheels 4-Pack
Change Plate Storage Pin 2-Pack
Change Plate Storage Pin 4-Pack
MS-70KB - 70" Kettlebell Tray
*Crossmember Not Included
MS-70DB - 70" Dumbbell Tray
*Crossmember Not Included

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Color Black
Length 74"
Width 14"
Height 45 ½", with wheels: 48 ¾"
Foot Print 76" x 20 ⅛"
Steel Notes 2x2" 11 Gauge
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


More useful than the bookshelf in your library

Available in both 2- and 3-Tier options this system has the potential to fulfill all of your storage needs. Use the Bookshelf Add-ons to customize your unit to your needs. There is no limit to the amount of storage you can combine.

  • Expandable to any length
  • Heavy duty casters are available for additional mobility
  • Add the Change Plate Storage attachment for your smaller increments of steel
  • Weight capacity: 70" shelf can hold 1000LB of bumpers with minimal deflection.


Hell Yeah

Review by Dave
I have all my bumpers, sandbag, med/slam balls and KB's on the 70 2 tier storage rack, this thing is heavy duty, I recommend getting the wheels with it. I have the bumper/ball rack on the bottom and KB shelf on top, I purchased some metal hooks from Lowes and bolted them to the side and store my bars lengthwise of the rack, overall a very versatile piece of equipment.
| Review for: 2-Tier Mass Storage System - 70"

Well Worth the $$$$$$

Review by robekert
I purchased the 2 tier 70" Mass Storage Rack. I supplemented the existing 2 shelves with a 3rd Echo Rack 70" crossmember.

The bottom shelf is for my Kettle Bells. The middle shelf holds my dumbbells. The top shelf holds my Dynamax & Rogue MD Slam/Med Balls. I could easily store bumpers on the bottom if I did not have so many KBs.

Very versatile, very sturdy, very ROGUE.
| Review for: 2-Tier Mass Storage System - 70"

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