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Rogue MW-24 Monster Wallmount Rig

Rogue MW-24 - 24' Monster Wall Mount Rig

Price Qty
XM-108 9' Monster Upright
XM-144 12' Monster Upright
11 gauge steel, no numbers
4' Monster Wall Mount Rig Add-On
6' Monster Wall Mount Rig Add-On
Wallmount Rig Concrete Anchor Kit

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color No
Product Weight 759 lbs.
Length 24'
Width 6'
Height 9'
Foot Print 24'3" x 6'3"
Material Type Powder Coated Steel
Steel Notes 3" x 3" 11 Gauge
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping Yes
3 Ships Free No

The Monster Rig by Rogue

Monster Rigs are made in Ohio from heavy duty 3X3” powder coated steel.  We use 1” Bolts and Fasteners across the entire Monster Series.  This combination of material and hardware make the Monster Series Rigs the most stable Rig on the market.  Customize the length, width, height and accessories to make the Monster Rig your own. 


  • Repeating 4’ – 6’ – 4’ sections
  • Made with 3X3" 11 Gauge Steel ( 3X3” 7 Gauge available)
  • 1” Bolts, Fasteners and J-Cup Pins
  • Choose between 7’ 6”, 9’ or 12’ tall Uprights
  • Pull-up Bar height is adjustable to 8’, 7’ 6” or 7’. Single bars can be substituted to accommodate taller athletes or add additional height for rings
  • (2) J-Cups with UHMW plastic inserts and backs are included per 4’ rack section
  • Customizable Length with 4’ or 6' Width
  • Unit Must Be Bolted to the Floor. Concrete Anchor Kits are available
  • Unit must be bolted to the wall. Wall mounting hardware is NOT included.

Note* The MW-24 shown above is not a standard configuration and has 70" 3x3" Crossmembers down the center section.  Monsters Rigs ship standard with XM-70P Monster Parallel Crossmembers for the center section.