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Rogue Fractional Plates - LBS

Rogue Fractional Plates - LBS

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Rogue Fractional Plates - LBS - 1 Set
Rogue Fractional Plates - LBS - 2 Sets

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Rogue Fractional Plates - LBS - 5 Sets

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color Various Colors
Metal Plates Fractional Plates
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


Variants - Pair of .25(White) - .50(Blue) - .75(Red) - 1.0(Black)LB Fractional Plates/Set

Steel Material: RHA - Generally used for Armor Plating - Various thicknesses

Machinery to Build: 240 Watt C02 CNC Laser

Finish: Matte Powder Coat - Rogue Spec

Brief History on RHA: From the invention of tanks to the Second World War, tank armour increased in thickness in order to resist the increasing size and power of anti-tank guns. A tank with sufficient RHA could resist the largest anti-tank guns then in use. RHA was in universal use during this period and the measure of the power of an anti-tank gun was what thickness of RHA it would penetrate. This measure of tank gun effectiveness has remained in use because it is a useful universal measure for the comparison of increased anti-tank gun effectiveness. Different types of armour, some of which do not use steel or even metals, have come into use but depth of penetration of RHA is still used to compare anti-tank weapon effectiveness. RHA was in common use until after World War II when other types of armour were being developed. A new generation of anti-tank rounds had come into use which did not use a heavy, tough, high-velocity projectile, to defeat steel armour but used an explosive charge called a shaped charge to negate the strengths of the steel. The strength, toughness and hardness of RHA was no longer protection against this threat.(Ref - Wikipedia)