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RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

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RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper
RH-2 Hyper Roller Attachment

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Product Weight 206lb
Foot Print 52 ½" x 40"
Other Product Specs Includes (1) Spud Inc. Hyper Strap and (1) set Rogue HG Collars
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

A Reverse Hyperextension Machine That Goes Beyond Rehab

Manufactured and assembled in Columbus, Ohio, the Rogue RH-2 is a reverse hyper machine designed to meet the unique, changing needs of the athletes it serves. Widely utilized for physical therapy and back rehab exercises, the Reverse Hyper can also be used with light weights in every day training to reduce lower back tightness and strengthen hamstrings, glutes, hips, and more.

Rogue RH-2 Reverse Hyper Specifications:

  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Compatible with all increments of bumpers and steel, including 45lb steel plates
  • 10.5” usable storage length on each side of the swing arm allows for a capacity of over 700 lbs of steel plates
  • Multiple hand holds to accommodate varying user heights
  • Includes Rogue HG Collars and Spud Inc. Hyper Strap
  • Compatible Reverse Hyper Roller Attachment also available for separate purchase*
  • Unit Ships Assembled

*Rogue’s Reverse Hyper Roller Attachment features a quick release design for easy transitions from the hyper straps to the roller system.

The Science Behind the Reverse Hyperextension Machine:

Rogue’s Reverse Hyper decompresses the spine and has no vertical compression on the spine at all. This simple device allows for dynamic strength development in the concentric phase, while serving as a rehabilitation mechanism in the eccentric phase. The spine is gently stretched and depressurized during the process, creating--in essence--an internal pumping mechanism, filling the spinal column with spinal fluid and the lower back muscles with blood. Anyone who has injured their back knows that the pressure needs to be relieved and circulation restored to the injured area in order to rehabilitate. The reverse hyperextension machine offers one of the best methods for achieving this.


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A must have.

Review by Troy
The quality of this machine is great. The welds ,paint and padding are excellent. The best part is the fact that it`s helping my lower back pain and increasing my lifts. I kick myself for not buying the Reverse Hyper sooner!
| Review for: RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

often imitated never duplicated

Review by jungle boys
the must have any gym garage deadlift has gone up up up!!!!!...god bless lou!
| Review for: RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper


Review by Jamie
I appreciate that this thing comes assembled, but because it does I wish it too had the rubber feet attached as I needed to buy a specific connector to attach these. The piece as a whole is just a beauty and a beast. Beyond worth the money for a critical piece of underutilized equipment!
| Review for: RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

Simply Amazing!!!!

Review by Tyler S
I received my reverse hyper about a week ago(took less than a week to get here) and I couldn't believe it when I saw it. It comes assembled which was awesome, but it was the first time I ever saw one in person. The work that goes into making this machine is second to none. I expected quality from Rogue, but when I saw it first hand, it blew me away. I ordered the roller attachement to go with it as well and I couldn't believe the work that went into it as well. This stuff is indestructible. I have used it for about a week now, and I have felt improvements in strength and recovery already. Louie Simmons + Rogue Fitness= #1 Forever. So worth every penny!
| Review for: RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

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