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Rogue S-3 Squat Stand

Rogue S-3 Squat Stand

More Power Rack than Squat Stand!

Picture includes an optional upgrade. The S-3 Squat Stand comes standard with a Fat/Skinny Pull-up Bar.

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Rogue S-3 Squat Stand

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Rogue S-3 Squat Stand & Bench

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Shipping Included!
(1) S-3 Squat Stand
(1) Flat Utility Bench

Rogue S-3 Squat Stand - Set of 5

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Shipping Included!

43" Dirty South Bar - Substitute

Can only be used as a substitute when purchasing an Infinity/Monster Lite rig, rack and/or squat stand

Set of Safety Spotter Arms

Availability: Ships in 7-10 business days


Ships (2) 20 in. Deep Arms
*Cannot be used on old SPX Stands*
UHMW Plastic comes attached

Rogue S-Base Floor Mounting Feet - Pair

(2) S-Base Floor Mounting Feet

Squat Stand Wheel Bracket Set
(1) Set of brackets

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color Black
Product Weight 165 lbs.
Width 110
Foot Print 48 x 48
Steel Notes 2 x 3 11 Gauge
Other Product Specs Weight Capacity: Tested at 1,000 lbs.
Squat Stands 2x3" Steel, Pullup Bar
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

S-3 Squat Stand

The Rogue S-3 is a quality, American-made squat stand that's as durable and versatile as a power rack. Built with home gyms and large-scale strength training facilities in mind, the S-3 includes 2x3” 11-gauge steel tubing, Westside hole spacing, and 5/8” bolts and fasteners—making it compatible with a wide range of custom add-ons and accessories. At over nine feet tall, the S-3 Squat Stand also comes standard with an adjustable fat/skinny pull-up bar well suited to athletes of any height.

Like all of the squat stands in the Rogue S-Series, the S-3 can be a complementary addition to an existing gym or the center-piece of a new one. Its efficient, compact design allows athletes to move from squats to bench to floor press to pull-ups without having to leave the 48x48” footprint of this all-in-one workout station.

The Rogue S-3 Squat Stand and Bench ships with (1) S-3 Squat Stand and (1) Rogue Flat Utility Bench.

To get a more personal perspective on the S-3 from people who use it every day, click on the S-3 Squat Stand "Reviews" tab on this page. You can also check out the other squat rack options in the S-Series here: Rogue S-Series Squat Stands.

Compatible 2x3” Accessories Include:

Rogue S-3 Squat Stand Specifications:

  • Made in Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • Height: 110”
    • Max Pull-up Bar Height for Fat/Skinny Bar: 98.5"
    • Max Pull-up Bar Height for Single Skinny Bar: 106"
  • Foot Print: 48x48”
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000+ lbs
  • Steel: 2x3” 11-gauge steel
  • West Side hole pattern (1” through bench and clean pull zone, 2” spacing above and below)
  • Low profile J-cup with UHMW plastic liner
  • Fat and skinny pull-up bar options (2” or 1.25”)