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Tactical Sandbags

Tactical Sandbags

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T-45 Small Sandbag
T-80 Medium Sandbag
T-160 Large Sandbag
T-220 Extra Large Sandbag
F-10 Small Filler Bag

F-15 Medium Filler Bag

F-35 Large Filler Bag
F-45 Extra Large Filler Bag
Rogue Apprentice Kit

Pefect for light weight work! 1 Small Sandbag and 3 Small Fillers!

Free Shipping!
Rogue Specialist Kit

For the medium heavy work load! 1 Medium Sandbag and 3 Medium Filler Bags.

Free Shipping!
Rogue Warrior Kit

For the Warrior whether Male or Female this set will load you down! 1 Large Sandbag and 3 Large Filler Bags!

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color No
Material Type 1000-D Cordura
Upholstery DWR Coating
Other Product Specs Water Proof
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

Built to MIL Spec

The new Tactical Sand Bags are made in America with American made 1000D MIL Spec CORDURA.

All Sandbags come in Ranger Green.

All new Tactical Sand Bag training system is built with heavyweight, Military Spec 1000D Cordura; that means they are tough as nails! This material is relied upon in the most austere of conditions every day! The Cordura material has a DWR coating to make each sand bag water resistant so you can wash these if needed.

Each bag and filler is hand made in Ohio and inspected to meet the Rogue Specifications by a retired Special Ops Team Sergeant. Attention to detail is first and foremost.

Recommended weights for the size variants

  • Extra Large Bag (42x15"): Up to 220LBS – Extra Large Filler: 0-60LBS Max
  • Large Bag (32x10"): Up to 160LBS – Large Filler: 0-40LBS Max
  • Medium Bag (24x8"): Up to 80LBS – Medium Filler: 0-20LBS Max
  • Small Bag (20x6"): Up to 45LBS – Small Filler: 0-10LBS Max

The above weights were measured with high density sand.  Each Sand bag can hold up to 4 filler bags of the corresponding size. Ex: 1 Large Sand Bag can hold up to 4 Large Filler bags

*The max weight of each filler bag is dependent on the density of the sand.  Playground sand is less dense than sand used to mix mortar.

Every Tactical Sand Bag component carries a 1 Year Warranty against breaking unless slammed. These are meant as a strength and conditioning tool, not a slam bag.