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Thompson FatPad

Thompson Fat Pad

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Product Weight 32lb
Length 50"
Width 14.5"
Height 4.5"
Other Product Specs "Grabber" vinyl cover, holes placed to fit any Rogue flat bench.
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


Designed by Donnie Thompson

The Thompson Fat Pad by Rogue is the proper bench pad to maximize power and minimize injury.

Donnie Thompson (checkout his bio below!) invested seven years of research in creating the Fat Pad.


  • Promote Scapular movement
  • Eliminate Shoulder Hangover
  • Optimizes Back and Upper body Positioning
  • Increases mechanic leverages

Benefits of the additional thickness and width:

  • Scapular movement is uninhibited and eliminates AC tears
  • Very little to NO Translational loading
  • Common Pec Tweaks are a thing of the past!
  • Angry Humeral wear on the bicep tendon and soft tissue GONE!

The Thompson Fat Pad is designed to bolt onto any Rogue Flat Bench.  It has a plywood bottom that enables it to be mounted to most other benches as well. Drilling and additional hardware may be required if you are mounting to a non Rogue product.

Donnie Thompson Bio

In 1998, Donnie started competitive powerlifting. He is the first human to ever total 3000lbs, a mark that still stands today. Donnie has 8-all time World Records in Professional Powerlifting. Includes; 3 Bench Press records, 2 Squat records and 3 Total records. Donnie is currently the Strength and Mobility Director for 22 physical therapy clinics throughout South Carolina. Donnie travels to many Universities and High Schools around the country teaching and sharing his Powerlifting, Kettlebell training and Mobility work methods and experiences to the football teams and coaches.


"I have had zero shoulder injuries in my weight room since I have been using your Fat Pads. Not only do they work great, these big athletes like the comfort of them when they bench. They hate going home and using their old benches!"

- Clemson University Football Head Strength Coach, Joey Batson


Good Pad

Review by jpease
Firm, grippy, wide and stable. The only consideration is that for those with long arms, such as myself, the extra few inches of thickness pushes my j-cups outside of the 1" spacing area.
| Review for: Thompson Fat Pad

Very satisfied with this and would buy again

Review by Greg
The extra width, firm cushioning, and non-slip cover provide for a very comfortable and stable platform for heavy bench press. Noticeably better than my old smaller bench. Mounting to my old bench's steel frame was simple. I used a pair of 3/8" size bolts to attach the frame onto the Fat Pad's two mounting holes which are 32" apart and 1.5" deep.
| Review for: Thompson Fat Pad

The Rogue Get's the Job Done

Review by Scott D.
I train in a private garage gym, and the average bodyweight is about 320lbs. everyone has wide shoulders and backs. Having trained with commercial and custom bench pads, I can honestly say the Thompson Fat Pad is impressive. It keeps shoulders in place, with no slipping at all. The Fat Pad is built solid; I feel it is a wise investment that will last a life time. No one complains about shoulder pain, and numbers have come up over the past two-months. If you own a private gym, this is the pad you want on your bench press.
| Review for: Thompson Fat Pad

Simply Awesome

Review by Tim
I have been using the FatPad for about six weeks. What can I say, the FatPad is awesome! Set a rep PR on it the first time I used it at home. The pad gave me some pretty cool ‘bite’ marks up by the lat/rear delt tie-in. At least that is the only thing I can think of to account for the bruising. Looks a bit like what a bench shirt or briefs does to you.

I did have to build up a ‘base’ for my feet. I’m short (5' 6") and with the extra thickness my feet don’t touch the ground. Now I just put my old pad on the ground by my feet and viola, I’m in business.

Coaching a couple CrossFit Girls in strength training. Both girls have had nothing but positive comments and love the extra width on the FatPad. The stability the pad delivers is something you have to experience to believe and understand. Best thing you can do for your bench and the health of your shoulders.
| Review for: Thompson Fat Pad

Must have for benching

Review by Tim
I benched on the Fat Pad for the first time on Christmas Day. I handled weights in the 97% of my 1 RM easily. It amazes me how much weight is left on the platform because of substandard pads. The pad alone was worth 4% to 5% more weight than I could handle on an 11.5" wide bench. And the surface was very grippy. No sliding at all even without chalk. This is a must half for anyone serious about benching.
| Review for: Thompson Fat Pad

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