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Original Slingshot

Original Sling Shot

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Bench more weight.

The Original Sling Shot will allow you to handle about a 10% overload in the bench press while avoiding the pain that comes along with pushing your body to the limit.  It mimics natural muscle movement by lengthening and shortening with the muscles thus giving support on the eccentric and concentric phase of a bench press.  This effect can greatly reduce stress on the shoulders, elbows, and chest.

Use the Original Slingshot for benching, pushups or for assistance on ring dips and Muscle Ups.

The Sling Shot was invented by world class powerlifter Mark Bell (545 lb. raw Bench, 854 lb. equipped Bench) to help lifters bench more weight safely and without pain. The Sling Shot is easy to put on, easy to use and will help maintain correct form. It is suitable for lifters of all ages and strength levels.

Size Chart

Please Note: If you are really tall (over 6' 4") or have especially big forearms, you need to order one size larger.

WeightSling Shot Size
Under 120 LBS S
121 - 140 LBS M
141 - 180 LBS L
181 - 220 LBS XL
221 - 300 LBS XXL
Over 300 LBS XXXL