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Rogue 12" Pullup Globe

Rogue 12" Pull-up Globe

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12" Pull-up Globe
12" Pull-up Globe System
(1) 12" Pull-up Globe
(1) Straps
(1) Carabiners
Rogue Grip Strap and Carabiner Set
(2) Straps
(2) Carabiners

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Color Black
Product Weight 12 lbs.
Diameter 12"
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


Odd Object.

How often do you train with odd objects? Sandbags and atlas stones are widely used now a days for ground to shoulder training, here is one that adds difficulty to training the pull up. The Rogue Pull Up Globe is the first single tool that we've designed to add gymnastic and strength training variance in a major way. It is one of the best tests of grip strength and upper body strength. And it's challenged the strongest in arm and grip strength.

The system comes with a Rogue strap and caribiner so that you can add and train with other implements in the Rogue Grip System. 


  • 12" Diameter Steel Sphere
  • Rogue Matte Black Powder coating



Review by dunkenstein
i love doing death star pullups/static holds-
this takes grip/forearm to a whole new level

insane power awaits!
| Review for: Rogue 12" Pull-up Globe


Review by MWP
If I were a S&C Coach I would have all of my FB wide receivers, FB D. backs, basketball centers, baseball power hitters on this immediately.
| Review for: Rogue 12" Pull-up Globe

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