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Rogue Butcher V2

Rogue Butcher V2

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Rogue Butcher V2
Rogue Butcher V2 - 5 Pack
Shipping Included
Butcher V2 Plastic Ski Set
Includes plastic skis to cover all 3 feet.
Butcher V2 Replacement Footplate Set

Includes (2) Rear Feet, (1) Front Foot, and Hardware

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color Black
Product Weight 74 lbs.
Length 42-1/4"
Width 47-1/4"
Height 38-7/8" (without plastic, including uprights)
Foot Print 42-1/4" x 47-1/4"
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

Rogue Butcher V2

The redesigned Rogue Butcher is the ultimate all-surface, heavy-duty push sled. Co-developed with the team at Westside Barbell, the American-built Butcher combines 74 pounds of 2x3” 11-gauge steel with a wide range of functional improvements over most traditional push sleds. This includes a black powder coating for a better grip, low and high angle hand placement options, and removable weight-bearing bars for easier storage.

Version 2 of the Butcher also comes with bolt-on feet, which can be removed and replaced with a new set if damaged. These feet can additionally be equipped with optional ½" thick UHMW plastic skis to protect your gym’s flooring.

The Butcher only takes about five minutes to assemble and can help increase your GPP, strength, and endurance for years to come.


  • Made in the USA
  • 2x3” 11-gauge steel
  • Weight: 74 lbs / Weight Capacity: 500+ lbs
  • Rogue Signature Matte Black powdercoat provides grip on handles
  • Bolt-On Steel Feet can be used on any surface, fully replaceable
  • Multiple bars for different pushing positions
  • Compact footprint (42-1/4” x 47-1/4”) and removable handles allows for easy storage, portability
  • Protective UHMW plastic skis can be added to order and come with all necessary hardware

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Rogue Butcher V2 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.

Most versatile piece of equipment I own.

Review by AK

Try to answer the two questions I had before purchasing the Butcher:
1) What value does the Butcher have over my drag sled? There is certainly overlap in the push sled and a drag sled in terms of muscle affected, lack of eccentric, versatility etc. I found the forward push on the Butcher really lends itself to anaerobic 'balls to the wall' pace sprint workout. The forward push means that force goes through the hands and right to your feet so it feels very 'direct' with more constant tension in the body. The drag sled, in contrast, due to the use of the connecting rope and handle or harness feels less 'direct' and more of a lag when sprinting as the rope accelerates/decelerates slower than you do. On the other hand, it works more smoothly for pulling type motions that replicate gym type cable exercises like rows, scarecrows and is more forgiving of rougher surfaces.
2) Will it work on my lawn? I didn't want to go roaring up the street grinding my way into my neighbor's bad books, so I tried it out on my very average northeastern US lawn. It worked better than I expected. I had to push at slightly more at an angle on the high handles than I might if I was on smooth asphalt where I might be able to be nearly upright but overall it was very acceptable and the natural resistance of the grass meant i didn't have to load it all that much to get sufficient resistance. Very pleased. No apparent damage to the lawn so far. Just rotate the specific path you push to minimize wear.

Otherwise, it was shipped quickly. It's built like a tank like all of Rogue's products. And the design is more compact that I had envisioned & easier to carry from the garage to the backyard (removing 2 poles) than I would have thought. It has a nice wear resistant powder coat. The weights are on the handles where they should be for the smoothest push. If I had a criticism it would be that the poles seem to show very minor wear like someone had put plates on them before. But nothing that they wouldn't have accumulated naturally after a couple of uses by me. So far so good after only 1 use. This might be the novelty/honeymoon factor speaking but I already enjoy it much more than pulling my drag sled.

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2

Great Sled

Review by Brandon

This is the first thing I have ordered from rogue and this is not the last. I put this together in a matter of minutes. The UPS guy hated me until I unloaded it for him when I noticed he was struggling. I go from my house to the stop sign back and forth about 40 yards one way 3 times lower and 3 times higher grips and feel the burn. It is way better than having to run miles for the same burn.

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2

Great addition to your gym

Review by Ethan

I've had my Butcher for about a week now and I love it. Its an incredible addition to any regime and terribly fun to boot (and it also completely wrecks you).
I would only add two things: a welded eye-bolt on the front and back and perhaps the ability to replace the feet/sleds.
This is a great product and I look forward to years of fun/pain with it.

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2


Review by dcam

I've run this thing through my asphalt for a few months now and this thing is like the Ford F150 of prowlers. So strong and stable, hardly even makes a dent on the bottom. I keep checking to see how bad the damage is to the skis after every session and am surprised every time. Thanks Rogue!

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2

Great conditioning piece

Review by Travis

I've really enjoyed this. Good buy for the price. Holds up to abuse well. The slots for the horns are a little tight, I would advise using a little WD-40 to prevent any locking up.

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2

Outstanding piece of equipment

Review by David M

We have been using this for a few months in our workplace training room. It has become the center piece of our monthly challenge workouts. We have an average indoor space in which to push and pull it, maybe about 35'-40' in length, but that is all you need to get a huge benefit from the sled. It is truly one of those pieces of equipment you will both love (for what you can do with it) and hate (for how intense you can get your workouts). We used the holes in the frame to add some I-bolts. We hook a 40' 3/8" chain to the sled and pull it back and forth as well, or push it one way and pull it back the other. This has been a great piece of equipment as some of our guys who don't like traditional cardio love working out on the sled and are reaping benefits they won't through weights alone. It is well built, priced right, and Rogue shipped it to us quickly. I would highly recommend.

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2

Awesome Product. Lots of Fun!

Review by Leslie

My first thought after we took turns sitting on it and pushing each other around the parking lot, was, we need another one! The potential for relay races and team workouts is great.

The fun factor distracts you from feeling your heart rate soar and from hearing your legs beg to rest.

Very well made!

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2


Review by Oreo

The butcher is built like a tank. Very solid and wreaks of quality. Initial set up is a 5 minute job. It fits in the trunk of my car. Very happy with my purchase.

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2

Power, Pain, FUN!!!

Review by Miranda00

One of my FAVORITE tools from Rogue. If you have never added the butcher push into a met-con you haven't felt one of the most effective/painful/fun elements out there! This is well designed, SUPER durable and can be used by anyone by easily adding weights to make it heavier or using it empty!

| Review For: Rogue Butcher V2

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