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Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

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Brand Rogue
Length Varies by Size
Width 4"
Color Black
Other Product Specs Thickness: 10mm
Free Shipping No
Made In USA No
3 Ships Free Yes


Spend Less Money, Lift More Weight

Offering as much support as many lifting belts twice its cost, the Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt is crafted from quality, 10mm thick leather, with precision hole spacing and a convenient, single-prong buckle design. This affordable 4" wide belt adjusts easily for a sturdy fit on almost any body type while minimizing stiffness and discomfort. Use our belt sizing chart below to determine which Econ Belt is right for you. Or order the full spectrum to help equip a growing weight room or training facility.


  • Adjustable weight belt with 10 precision-spaced holes
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Width: 4”
  • High Quality Leather
  • Single Prong Buckle
  • Embroidered Rogue Fitness Logo

Sizing Chart- Measure with your clothing on around the area the belt will be worn.

Measurement Belt Size
24" - 31" S
27" - 34" M
32" - 39" L
36" - 43" XL
40" - 47" XXL

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Look no further for a beginner belt!

Review by Casey
I did a ton of research before buying my first lifting belt. I wanted to get something affordable but high quality as I develop as a lifter. Based on reviews and recommendations I bought Rogue Econ. I loved it out of the box and felt great in the first few power lifting sessions, even before breaking it in. You really cannot beat the price for high quality. A few of the lifters at my gym even commented that they were jealous and were admiring the belt. As far as sizing, I contacted customer service and they recommended going larger, rather than smaller. The advice was good for me. I am male 5'9" 175 lbs, 35" waist. I went with the Large and it fits perfect. I would not have gone with the medium as I don't think there would be enough belt to pull it tight enough. Im at about the middle hole and could still go tighter if I lean out some or bigger if I gain some mass. Lift heavy, live light.
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

Great belt

Review by az060693
I'm no expert on belts and I've only had this two weeks now, but it's quite a solid belt. It's just a giant slab of sueded leather. The suede on the outside is much finer and softer than the suede on the inside as the suede on the inside is tended to grip your body so the belt doesn't slide around. Also, the black suede contrasted with the white stitching, black and red letters, and silver rivets and buckle looks fantastic. Speaking of. the rivets are large and look sturdy, as does the buckle. The leather is pretty supple so u can roll it up pretty easily to put in a book bag like I do.

Before this, I used a cheap padded valeo belt, and I've used an eleiko olympic weightlifting belt; they were practically identical. This is much better; the leather is more flexible making it easier to buckle on tightly and release, and it should be more durable in the long run (the valeo cracked around the area I buckle it). Also I'm able to hit slightly higher weights without the padding of the valeo and eleiko belts. Additionally, one of my friends is a competitve oly lifter and tells me that this is practically identical to the Inzer prong belts, which cost double what this costs. I've also checked around for other high quality belts and the only other ones I could find of comparable quality and price are are the MDUSA belts, which still cost 10-15 more with shipping. On a side note, I live in NJ and these came in two days with standard shipping :D.

Just a tip for crossfitters and oly lifters; this belt is too wide to really be used effectively for oly lifting. You'd be better served with a belt that tapers in the front (like the eleiko or MDUSA oly belts).

All in all, a good belt. I'll update this review after prolonged use.
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

You won't find a better belt for under $50, period.

Review by Jay Bird
Let's talk about the sizing as some reviewers here have stated that it's not your waist size you should go by...I make pants for a living, so I know a thing or two about sizing...If I use a cloth tape measure (you need to in order for a proper measurement) and I pull it tight around my belly button (again, you need to pull it tight in order for a proper measurement as this is where you'll wear the belt) I measure 33". I ordered the medium, and I use it on the 4th hole. If any of the below reviewers used a construction measuring tape, or went on what size they order in their clothing (almost all clothing manufacturers vanity size their waist sizes by 1-2" because most people wear their pants/shorts on their upper hips), or they didn't pull the cloth tape tight, then their measurements will be inaccurate. You also need to keep in mind that I have to work really hard to get it to the 4th want the belt to be SUPER TIGHT when you're doing heavy weight (per a personal discussion with Mark Rippetoe), so much so that it's uncomfortable. I almost ponied for the fancy belt for twice the price, but I'm really glad I didn't, as this belt is just fantastic, and is nicer than the photos depict. Hope this helps.
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

Awesome belt for the price

Review by Amateur Athlete
As with everything I order from Rogue Fitness, I order on Sunday and it's at my door on Wednesday. This belt is by far one of the best leather belts I've worked out with. For the price you simply cannot find anything better. As with the previous reviews about sizing, its safe to say that you should go up in size when ordering. I usally wear medium shorts, but had to buy a large belt. That way I was able to get to a second hole on the belt
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

Price can't be beat for an awesome belt!!!

Review by kataca
Bought this about six months ago and use it every time I go heavy. I get lost of compliments at my box and I just love the way the thing looks. I have a 31" waist and the medium fits just fine.You can't go wrong with this belt and you most definitely won't regret purchasing it…now, go buy it!
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt


Review by Tim
You really get more than you pay for. This belt is 100 times better than any belt you will find in a sporting goods store.
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

Fantastic Quality at an Unbelievable Price

Review by TBird
As has been echoed in other reviews, this is one high-quality belt. Without question, Rogue is giving a huge bargain at charging $50 for such a solid, excellently-constructed belt. If you're doing heavy work with a barbell and the budget is a little tight, you won't regret having this belt around your waist when the going gets tough. One note that has been brought up by other people is sizing - tends to run on the small side (I'm a comfortable medium in clothes and the belt's medium wasn't even close for me). If you do make a mistake with the sizing, Rogue's customer service is unbeatable.
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

customer service

Review by tsewang
Amazing products..great belt...but please order longer than u need..the measurement is the length and not waist size..dont get confused..order large if you around 30-33 waist...
Customer service is the best i have ever encountered in my online ordering life..
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

Outsanding product!

Review by Derrick D.
wish u wouldve read my previous review @Jim

Just what I expected.. broke in nicely.. built tough.. def'ly worth more than $50 bucks!!
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

Outstanding Quality - Size is a bit off

Review by Jim
I am 5'11", weigh 167 lbs. and have a 31 inch waste. When ordering, the Medium seemed the obvious choice. However, when wearing a tee shirt and sweat shirt I have to squeeze into the last hole. I'm returning mine for a large. Otherwise, this belt is of outstanding quality even when comparing to other, more expensive belts. The "economy" label is really not an accurate description of this product.
| Review for: Rogue Econ Weightlifting Belt

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