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RPG System

RPG System

The powdercoated Pull-up Bar and Rings are guaranteed for life

The RPG allows the user to perform a wide array of gymnastic movements in a myriad of terrains from a lone warrior's basement to the most austere of forward locations.

The ROGUE-RPG includes:

  • (2) 1.5” width, 16 ft length straps with quick feed/release cam buckles
  • (1) Handmade steel pull-up bar with stays for the straps
  • (2) Metal or Wood Rings
Price Qty
RPG System - Metal Rings
RPG System - Wood Rings

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color No
Product Weight 7lb
Length 43"
Diameter 1 ½"
Material Type Heavy Duty Black Nylon
Steel Notes 1 ¼" 14 Gauge
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

Get going and get some pull-ups while you're at it!

The Rogue Portable Gymnastics System (or RPG, as it's known around the Rogue Compound) allows pull-ups to be performed anywhere you can get the straps over. Utilizing the same pair of 1.5” wide 16 foot straps that come standard on the ROGUE Rings, setup and tear-down takes mere seconds.

The bar is hand built in the US from steel and coated using the same multistage process that gives the ROGUE Rings their distinctive, and now famous, feel.

The Proper Way to Mount The Strap With The RPG Bar

RPG Correct Setup

Product Safety Information

At Rogue we want to make sure that we deploy the safest products possible and provide our users with the best safety protocols we have available. Gymnastic ring straps are wear and tear items so inspection and disposal are imperative. We would like to offer the following safety protocols:

Pre Rigging Inspection:

1) All rigging must be checked prior to each use - Not doing these safety checks can lead to serious bodily injury or death

Strap is free from damage or wear
Check for frayed strap material or visible abrasion, such as fused fibers or cut strands
Buckle or clasp is functional
Check to make sure that buckle sets firmly on strap and there is no visible damage to the springs or excessively worn teeth in mechanism
Check stitching for damage or wear
Check all stitching points for frayed or broken stitching. Look for discolorations, “glazed” sections, or stiff sections
Check strap for dry rot or sun deterioration
Do not leave straps in direct sunlight, exposed to weather, and always store straps in a clean and dry environment

2) All anchoring points for rigging must not have an abrasive surface or edge - Not doing these safety checks can lead to serious bodily injury or death

Check anchoring point for smooth surface
Make sure the surface you are putting the strap over or through is smooth - if the surface is abrasive it will break the straps
Check anchoring point to make sure there is no edge
Make sure the contact point for the strap is a large surface with radius – avoid shearing surfaces and sharp edges
Check strength of anchoring point
Make sure the anchoring point is strong enough to support both static and dynamic loads

3) Make sure you are rigging the competition ring straps per the instructions

Only strap should be resting flush on anchoring point

Clasp and Caribiner should not make contact with Ring

4) Do not use gymnastic straps or rings for purposes not intended for. Straps should ONLY be anchored to or through an appropriate anchoring point.

Gymnastic ring straps are wear and tear items, they must be inspected the same way any other rigging equipment would be done.

WARNING: some aspects of ring and gymnastic training are potentially hazardous and dangerous. Anyone using Rogue’s equipment is personally responsible for learning proper techniques and exercising sound judgment, and assumes and accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all damages, injury of any kind, or death which may result from the use of any equipment purchased from Rogue. There is no substitute for personal instruction by a qualified coach or trainer. Train hard, not foolhardy.