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Set of Safety Spotter Arms

Set of Safety Spotter Arms

Ships (2) 20 in. Deep Arms
*Cannot be used on old SPX Stands*

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Set of Safety Spotter Arms

Ships (2) 20 in. Deep Arms
*Cannot be used on old SPX Stands*
UHMW Plastic comes attached

2" x 3" Spotter Arm Plastic Pair
Intended for older Spotter Arms without plastic. Includes no attachment hardware.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Product Weight 32lb
Length 24"
Height 14"
Steel Notes 2" x 3" 7 Gauge
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No
Echo Compatible No
Infinity Compatible Yes
Monster Lite Compatible No
Monster Compatible No


Rogue Safety Spotter Arms

Featuring UHMW Plastic Liners to Protect Your Bars

Rogue’s Safety Spotter Arms are manufactured from 2x3” 7-gauge steel and are compatible with all Infinity Rigs, Wall Mount Systems and S-Series Squat Stands. Sold in pairs, these spotters measure 24” in length and can be easily adjusted to match the height requirements of any given athlete or exercise.

Whether you do most of your weightlifting in a garage gym or a large-scale strength and conditioning facility, a reliable set of spotting arms can add instant peace of mind to a training space. The inclusion of UHMW plastic liners on all new Rogue Safety Spotter Arms also ensures the protection of your barbell from unnecessary wear and tear over time.*

*If you have an older pair of 2x3” spotters and want to add UHMW protective liners to them, you can order the Spotter Arm Plastic Pair. These affordable additions can be easily attached to existing spotting arms using screws or double-sided tape (3M VHB works great).

Rogue Safety Spotter Arms Specifications:

  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 2x3” 7-gauge steel
  • Depth from upright: 20”
  • 5/8” hardware
  • Works with all Infinity Rigs, Wall Mounts, and S-Series Squat Stands
  • Cannot be used on old SPX Stands
  • Includes UHMW Plastic Liners

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Good stuff

Review by Mark
These are quality items. Now, my S2 squat rack is complete. I feel confident in pushing harder in squats and bench knowing that these bad boys are around to spot me in my garage gym. Also, shipping is lightning quick. I ordered these 1/28/2014 and it arrived 1/30/2014....Wow!!!
| Review for: Set of Safety Spotter Arms

Just as good as a cage!

Review by Jamie
These combine with at squat rack (I use a S2) allows an individual to train hard when alone. My spotters have caught me several times, and have taken a beating without a complaint!
| Review for: Set of Safety Spotter Arms

Highly recommended

Review by Billy Jack
Like Deal, I work out in my garage, and bought these to accompany my S-1 half rack. I used these for more than just spotting for squats, so I'm definitely getting my moneys worth.

These are extremely well-made (like all Rogue products are) and very sturdy. While not light to the touch, they are still fairly easy to move around, accommodating various user heights and uses.
| Review for: Set of Safety Spotter Arms

A Must when going heavy alone!

Review by Deal
I knew I had to order these since I often workout by myself in my garage gym. The confidence and safety these provide for heavy bench and squats is well worth the price.
| Review for: Set of Safety Spotter Arms

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