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The Rogue Matador

The Rogue Matador

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The Rogue Matador
The Rogue Matador - 5 Pack

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Product Weight 26 lbs.
Length 24
Diameter Handle: 1.875"
Steel Notes 2 x 3 7 Gauge
Other Product Specs Weight Capacity: Tested at 500 lbs.
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No
Echo Compatible No
Infinity Compatible Yes
Monster Lite Compatible No
Monster Compatible No




1.) The principal bullfighter in a bullfight who passes the bull with a muleta and then kills it with a sword thrust

This is the quickest way to add versatility Add this to your rack system to train one of the most vital movements for conditioning your gymnastic strength and endurance. The installation is easy but the versatility added to your gym is priceless.

Heavy duty dip station that works with the Rogue S2 / S3 Squat Stands, R-3, R-4, and R-6 Racks, Infinity Rigs and Wallmount systems. 

The Matador will not work with the S1 and SPX Squat Stands. 


Technical Specifications

  • 1 7/8" diameter handles
  • Handles are angled for different grip widths
  • Rogue Pin-Up anchoring system




Review by Jamie
For the price, this is by far one of the best purchases I have made from Rogue! I use it with my S2 (not anchored or weighted down) and I have no issues at all! The piece is meant to survive and has handled over 300lbs combined weight with ease!
| Review for: The Rogue Matador

Rock Solid

Review by James
Got this a year ago with my R3 rack. It is a high quality piece of gear, joints are welded.

I do dips with up to 100lb on me and it does not phase the Matador.

Very pleased will last as long as my R3 rack which is forever. Good value for the money as you will only have to buy it once.

| Review for: The Rogue Matador

Awesome!! 5 Star Quality!!!

Review by Mike from Miami
I wasn't surprised that I loved the Rogue Matador without even installing it yet. You can feel the quality as soon as you get your hands on it and pick it up. I'm using it on my S2 Squat Stand, and it's my favorite add-on yet! Versatile width and height for a variety of users. Nice and thick grip to keep your hands comfortable. Heavy duty-500lb capacity for all the weight you can put on your dip belt; and its made by Rogue in the USA...Need I say more? I LOVE IT!
| Review for: The Rogue Matador

Worth the money.

Review by Justin
Perfect even for us Garage Gym'ers. Stows away nicely against a wall and clips on easily to your rogue gear when you need it. Solidly built, you won't regret this purchase.
| Review for: The Rogue Matador

I like it.. I like it a lot

Review by Joe from Toetown
Really like this guy. Perfect addition to the R3. Love that it's so easy to remove and store out of the way. I really like the diameter of the handles.. not too small. Money well spent here. I even like the laser cut "R" logo. Nice touch.
| Review for: The Rogue Matador

Solid Feel

Review by Deal
A great addition to your rack. Very solid. Depending on your weight you will need to lay some plates on the opposite side of the frame to keep the frame from tipping. No big deal though and a great alternate on those days you just don't feel like doing ring dips.
| Review for: The Rogue Matador

My favorite add on

Review by Matthew Mengerink
We have three of these for free corners of our infinity rig at ClackFit (one corner has the R3 on it). This dip station is one of the best I've ever used. It's super comfortable, it stays locked on and does not wiggle while you're dipping. The grip is super comfortable and you can get the distance that is most comfortable by going in or out. Being able to change the height so easily is great for everyone who wants to use this. Also, adding bands onto this for those who need a little help is super simple.

Highly recommend this piece.
| Review for: The Rogue Matador

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