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Step up your training with our lineup sleds–the ultimate tool for conditioning, strength training, and explosive power development all in a single compact piece. From beginner to elite athlete, our selection of sleds offers versatility, durability, and performance to take your workouts to the next level.

Types of Sleds

We have a number of different sled options available, from our economical Echo Dog Sled to our most overbuilt and original version, the Rogue Dog Sled.

Dog Sled: Unlock potential with the Rogue Dog Sled, a compact yet robust sled designed for versatility and efficiency. With its bolt-together design allowing for various attachments, including low and high bars, and wheelbarrow attachment, the Dog Sled offers a comprehensive full-body workout experience.

Alpaca Sled: Experience even more versatility when it comes to loading your sled with the Rogue Alpaca Sled, a sleek adaptation of our Echo Dog Sled. The Alpaca stands out from other sleds with its pan kit, an overbuilt tray to hold any common gym items to add weight, from sandbags and slam balls, to kettlebells and dumbbells.

Slice Sled: Slice through your workouts with the Rogue Slice Sled, our speed sled designed for pushing and pulling movements. Its removable uprights and harness attachment provide convenience and versatility, allowing for a full-body workout experience. Its compact design folding loading post makes transporting the Slice Sled easy so you can take your training anywhere.

Pull Sleds: While all of the mentioned sleds can be used for pulls, whether it be with sled straps or a pulling rope, we offer several sled options that are designed just for pulling. Our Rogue Pack Sled is great to throw in your backpack or ruck pack to take on the go, or use our classic S-25 Fat Boy and S-35E Sleds to load up the weight. 

Benefits of Using Sleds

Strength Building: Pushing or pulling a weighted sled is a full body workout which can result in significant strength gains.

Endurance: Sled workouts challenge cardiovascular endurance, helping to improve stamina and overall fitness levels.

Power and Speed: Lighter sled pushes and pulls require explosive power and speed, making them ideal for athletes looking to enhance their athletic performance.

Sled Exercises

Sled Push: Target your lower body and core with sled pushes, an effective exercise for building leg strength and explosive power.

Sled Pull: Pull your sled forward or backward, engaging your upper body, and perfect for improving pulling strength and posture.

Lateral Sled Pull: Enhance lateral movement and hip stability with lateral sled pulls, a dynamic exercise for strengthening the lower body and improving agility.

Discover a variety of other sled exercises, including sled sprints, sled reverse drags, and more, to diversify your training.