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Speed Ropes

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Elevate your cardio and endurance training with our collection of speed ropes. Designed to help you push your limits and achieve your fitness goals, our speed ropes are the perfect addition to any workout routine. Whether you are new to training or have been jumping for years, we have one of the widest selections of jump ropes and speed ropes online so you can find the right rope for you.

Uses of Speed Ropes

CrossFit and HIIT: A staple in CrossFit and HIIT workouts, speed ropes are ideal for movements like traditional single unders, and double unders for those looking to increase intensity. Our ropes are designed to keep up with the demands of these high intensity movements to deliver an effective cardio workout in a short amount of time. 

Agility Training: Dial in your agility and quickness with our speed ropes. Perfect for improving footwork, coordination, and agility, our speed ropes are essential for athletes looking to enhance their performance on the field or in the gym. Whether you're a soccer player, basketball player, or runner, our speed ropes will help you stay light on your feet and ready for action.

Boxing and Martial Arts Training: A classic movement in boxing and martial arts training, enhance your skills and cardio with our speed ropes. Used by professionals and amateurs alike, our speed ropes are ideal for improving footwork, timing, and conditioning.

Choosing the Right Type of Speed Rope

Find the perfect speed rope for your training  with our wide range of options. From short to long handle speed ropes, bushing to bearing speed ropes, we have something for every athlete, beginner to advanced. 

Speed Ropes: Like we say in their names, our speed ropes are made for moving fast. Ideal for double unders, triple unders, and fast turnover, these ropes are designed with thin, lightweight cables and easy spinning handles to keep up with your fast paced training.

Weighted Ropes: Our weighted ropes are great for individuals who have grown accustomed to jumping rope and are looking for an added challenge. The added weight in the handle, cable, or both of our weighted ropes pushes the limits of endurance in your forearms and shoulders while making you maintain accuracy in your jumps.

Training Ropes: From old school beaded jump ropes to the classic licorice jump ropes you likely used in gym class, these never go out of style. Great for anyone at any level, you can use our training jump ropes to hone your skills or take your workouts outside with their ultra durable cables.

Benefits of Speed Ropes

Cardiovascular Endurance: Improve your heart health, lung capacity, and overall endurance with our speed ropes. Easily incorporate jumping rope into any workout or warm up to get your heart rate up, or prepare for the workout ahead.

Improved Coordination and Agility: Enhance your coordination, timing, and agility with our speed ropes. Jumping with a speed rope requires precise hand-eye coordination, footwork, and rhythm, helping you develop the skills you need to excel in sports and everyday activities.

Portability: Speed ropes are one of the easiest traveled with pieces of training equipment. Simply coil up the cable, throw it in your gym bag, and take your workouts anywhere.

Experience the thrill of high-speed jumping and unlock your full potential with Rogue's premium speed ropes. Shop now and take your fitness journey to new heights!