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Two-Finger Utility Gripper

Two-Finger Utility Gripper

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The easiest of the 7 strengths
On your way to not being a weakling
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Starting to develop some serious grip strength
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Bone crushing grip strength

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Bring each of your fingers up to its potential with IMTUG™

Tugboat friendly and tugboat stout, IMTUGs are:

  • designed to target your fingers one or two at a time
  • perfect--and portable--way to train your thumb
  • proprietary IronMind GR8 springs in 7 strengths
  • soft-tissue friendly, ergonomically designed aluminum handles
  • CoC compatible: works hand-in-glove with Captains of Crush Grippers

Choose the IMTUG based on the relative strength of your fingers:

  • Thumb - weakest - use an easier IMTUG
  • Ring and pinkie fingers - moderate - use a medium IMTUG
  • Index and middle fingers - strongest - use a tougher IMTUG
IMTUG may look little and friendly,
but it delivers powerful results . . .
think "tug boat"
  • Fine-tune your grip strength training, one or two fingers at a time
  • Ergonomic design matches finger lengths with training range of motion
  • Pocket-sized for portability: easy to carry . . . and hard to put down!
  • Massive ergonomic handles protect rather than pummel the soft tissue in your hands
  • Hemi-end handles fit comfortably in any position: use the brush technique for new gains in strength and coordination
  • CoC 2 - designed to work in tandem with Captains of Crush® Grippers
  • Build strong and healthy hands: perfect for zeroing in on areas requiring additional strength and muscle balance; use for prehab and injury prevention; and to rehab injuries or compensate for overuse
  • Made from authentic IronMind Grip-Tech™: since 1988 IronMind has been the world leader in designing grip tools
  • Featuring GR8™ Springs: the same spring technology IronMind developed for its gold standard Captains of Crush Grippers---an IronMind exclusive
  • Which IMTUGs should you choose? Use the following guide to select the right level of IMTUGs based on which Captains of Crush Gripper you are training with:

    • Guide or Sport - IMTUG1, IMTUG2
    • Trainer or No. 1 - IMTUG2, IMTUG3, IMTUG4
    • No. 1 or No. 2 - IMTUG3, IMTUG4, IMTUG5
    • No. 2 or No. 3 - IMTUG4, IMTUG5, IMTUG6
    • No. 3 or No. 4 - IMTUG6, IMTUG 7