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Infinity Series

Infinity Series

Rogue Fitness’ Original Line of Rigs and Racks used at the CrossFit Games.

The Rogue Infinity Series line of Rigs and Racks built from 2x3” 11 gauge powder coated steel with 5/8” bolts and fasteners. This includes stand alone Pullup/Rack Hybrid Infinity Rigs, Wall Mount Rigs that use your existing wall as one side of the rig and Power Racks. All have laser cut holes with the Westside hole pattern, 1” hole spacing through the bench/clean pull area and 2” spacing above and below. Because of the common components, most of the ever expanding family of 2x3” accessories is interchangeable across the whole line.

Infinity Rigs and Wallmount Rigs are the ultimate solution for your gym with the ability to serve as your pullup rig and power racks. With the addition of attachments like Wall Ball Targets, Rogue Matador Dip Stations, Safety Spotter Arms, Flying Pullup Bars, Kid Pullup Bars, Landmines, and Plate Storage and can be added so that everything you need for a workout is provided. The length is customizable in 4’ and 6’ sections as far as your space will permit, and 3 different upright heights are available to meet any requirements.

Rogue’s rock solid R-Series Power Racks include the R-3 Westside Rack with a 30” depth, the 4’ by 4’ R-4 Rack and the R-6 Rack that adds a serious amount of storage to the R-4 platform. These include integrated pullup bars, pin/pipe safeties and numerous attachment points for resistance band pegs.

These U.S.A made rigs and racks have no moving parts to wear out. Archeologists will be digging up functional Rogue gear hundreds of years from now.