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W-4 Garage Gym

W-4 Garage Gym

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W-4 Unit - 4' Wall Mount

(2) 108" Uprights, (1) set J-cups, (1) X-43 Crossmembers, (2) X-70 Crossmembers

Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0
The Rogue Bar 2.0

Gymnastic Wood Rings - Single Set

Includes (2) rings & (2) straps.

Rogue Single Plate Storage

Store over 180LB of bumpers!

Rogue Double Plate Storage

Availability: Ships in 7-10 business days

Store over 360LB of bumpers!

TITLE Platinum Professional Fight & Gym Timer
Vertical Plate Tree

Availability: Ships in 7-10 business days

Rogue Games Box
Pull-up Package (One each: Bands #3,4,5)
Post Landmine

Availability: Lead Time: 7-10 Business Days

Dip Belt - Black
AB-2 Firm AbMat - Single

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Color No
Height 9'
Steel Notes 2" x 3" 11 Guage
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No

Custom Garage Gym by Rogue

Park Your Car Outside

Rogue is holding the garage gym to a higher standard. No matter what your unique strength training regimen might call for, one convenient order and a few hours of set-up time is all you’ll need to get a world-class, fully-customized Garage Gym up and running.

Building a garage gym almost always guarantees a savings of both time and money over the long haul, but a custom garage gym equipped by Rogue goes further—delivering a range of top-tier options on par with anything at your local fitness center.

For bench press, squats, and pull-up work, choose from the R-3 Power Rack, S-2 Squat Stand, W-4 Wall Mount Rig, or one of Rogue’s other battle-tested centerpieces. Starting your garage gym from scratch? Round out your new workout cave with a Rogue Flat Utility Bench, the ultra-durable Rogue Bar, a set of Gymnastic Rings, bumper plate storage units, jerk boxes, accessories, or anything else in line with your individual strength and conditioning goals.

A garage gym can be more than an alternative to your neighborhood gym. Make it an upgrade.