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W-4 Garage Gym

W-4 Garage Gym

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W-4 Unit - 4' Wall Mount

(2) 108" Uprights, (1) set J-cups, (1) X-43 Crossmembers, (2) X-70 Crossmembers

Rogue Flat Utility Bench
The Rogue bar - single
Gymnastic Wood Rings - Single Set

Includes (2) rings & (2) straps.

Rogue Single Plate Storage

Store over 180LB of bumpers!

Rogue Double Plate Storage
Store over 360LB of bumpers!

TITLE Platinum Professional Fight & Gym Timer
Vertical Plate Tree
Rogue Games Box
Pull-up Package (One each: Bands #3,4,5)
Post Landmine
Dip Belt - Black
AB-2 Firm AbMat - Single

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue
Height 9'
Steel Notes 2" x 3" 11 Guage
Made In USA Yes
Free Shipping No
3 Ships Free No


Custom Garage Gym by Rogue

Park Your Car Outside

Rogue is holding the garage gym to a higher standard. No matter what your unique strength training regimen might call for, one convenient order and a few hours of set-up time is all you’ll need to get a world-class, fully-customized Garage Gym up and running.

Building a garage gym almost always guarantees a savings of both time and money over the long haul, but a custom garage gym equipped by Rogue goes further—delivering a range of top-tier options on par with anything at your local fitness center.

For bench press, squats, and pull-up work, choose from the R-3 Power Rack, S-2 Squat Stand, W-4 Wall Mount Rig, or one of Rogue’s other battle-tested centerpieces. Starting your garage gym from scratch? Round out your new workout cave with a Rogue Flat Utility Bench, the ultra-durable Rogue Bar, a set of Gymnastic Rings, bumper plate storage units, jerk boxes, accessories, or anything else in line with your individual strength and conditioning goals.

A garage gym can be more than an alternative to your neighborhood gym. Make it an upgrade.


Garage Gym

Review by Matt
This was the last piece i added to my gym. Man am i happy with it. I've had 400+ lbs on it, i've been hanging from it and attaching strength bands to it. This rack can do it all and take it all. Love it. Only complaint....Drilling into concrete! Not fun. But definitely worth it. Next time i'll hire someone to drill into concrete haha
| Review for: W-4 Garage Gym

Worth every penny

Review by Sean
I bought this product for my garage gym and I absolutely love it. I have it anchored to the floor and i chose 43" cross members to save space in the garage. This thing is sturdy and meant to last. I lost my grip on a squat clean at 275 and tried to recover, running myself and the weight into the w-4, just to bounce right off it. Not a scratch on the thing! This is the best piece of fitness equipment I have ever bought.
| Review for: W-4 Garage Gym

Very Nice

Review by Leroy J.
I bought this a month or so ago. Very solid once it was secured to the ground. I have over 600# on it with the double plate hangers attached to the side and it is sturdy as a rock.
| Review for: W-4 Garage Gym

Great Equipment

Review by Tractorjet
I've been using this for 3-months and it has been great. I did bolt mine to the floor and it is rock solid. I have the 43" cross members to save space. I'm 6'2 and it gives me plenty of room.
| Review for: W-4 Garage Gym

Awesome product

Review by Sean G
I have been using this W-4 for quite a few months now and have no complains with it at all. I wanted to wait a bit before giving a review to make sure everything I said was accurate, but my opinion has not changed. Only bit of advice I would give is make sure you measure out where the bolt holes need to be on the wall. I just eye balled it and started off with a nice angled pull up bar. Second, if you weight 200+ I would strongly suggest bolting the rig to the floor. I'm around 205lb, and while doing kipping pull-ups on either side of the rig got some good movement before the bolts; nothing after.
| Review for: W-4 Garage Gym

For the price of an iPad...

Review by Ben S
You can have Rogue Infinity Rig/S-Series Quality in your garage. If I could detract in one area, it's that the $100+ cost for shipping alone was a tough pill to swallow, but the first WOD made me forget all about it.

I did not bolt down the feet on my rig, and it's totally a non-issue. Product works like a champ. Great job Rogue.
| Review for: W-4 Garage Gym

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